With a BA Honours Degree in Public Relations and a background in journalism and creativity, there are a few services which I offer on a freelance rate. If you would like to know more about how we can work together
then please email 


Animation / illustration

Animations and videos are fast becoming the greatest way to show off your brand and their potential. I have created a number of different stop motion animations and illustrations for both myself and brands.
Please click the link below to see some of my work!


social media management

With 5+ years of experience in social media, I am your go-to gal for getting your brand on the social map. 
Whether you need a little bit of expertise, some social channel planning or even some content ideas, please don't hesitate to drop me an email below!
Most recently, I have grown Bailey Nelson's social channels by 177.83%. 


freelance writer / PR

I studied for three years for my First Class Honours in Public Relations. Since graduating I have helped with the marketing and public relations side of the Bailey Nelson business. 

I also have a number of contacts within the influencer and media world and have since gained multiple pieces of coverage for the likes of Vital Ingredient, Ollie Quinn and The Potato Project.

In terms of journalism, this is something I've been passionate about for many, many years and something I have executed throughout my career. Titles I have featured in include (but are not limited to) Menswear Style, UniDays, Heat Magazine, The Upcoming.