The Great Outdoors

After the longest summer I can remember, winter is finally upon us; and it's colder than ever..

I have to admit, I'm one to prefer the cold. As I've always said, it's a hell of a lot easier to warm up than to cool down! And for anyone who knows me, I love my layers.

The British winters are known (in Britain) for their god awful weather; that being said I can think of several other worse places so forgive my moaning... This has led to the birth of many outdoors companies, basically saying "you can look like a mountaineer in the street" and frankly, I love it.

Every kid dreams of being an explorer at some point; the idea of the unknown and discovery is a treat for the imagination. For me it was no different. I was pretty geeky in my youth, going to Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers ('Youth' going well in to my teens). So any chance to wander off into the wilderness is another adventure. No, unfortunately, I don't fight imaginary dragons or shoot aliens (only on the Xbox) instead, I take photos, admire and try and absorb what little of nature we have left.

So when Regatta sent me this parka, I knew it was the perfect excuse to escape the confines of the city and brave the great outdoors.

The cold seems like a thing of the past with this jacket on, I would whack on a t-shirt, sweater and this jacket and fear only the heat that may come. Regatta have nailed the autumnal colour scheme with this rich, woody brown and faux fur hood. In the city I look like an explorer, in the wilderness, still an explorer. Ticking all the boxes it seems. And if you are actually packing for a trek this coat has more pockets than I can fathom (I found another one on the shoot). The capabilities seem to just go on.

But prepping for the outdoors requires more than just a good jacket though.. Gotta think about your head.

Thankfully Edwin have got you covered there, despite their huge denim reputation their accessories are just as good. This grey beanie is a perfect addition to any outfit, with a subtle, black, embossed logo on the front it's right up my alley.

I feel that branding is quite important if you're spending a large sum of money. You've got to let people know what you're wearing, duh... I'm not actually big on loud logos that will shout at you from across the street, I believe more in the "ohh, thats actually really nice" effect of branding. A well designed logo hidden nicely in plain sight. You'd need to come pretty close to tell I was wearing Regatta or Edwin.

And so I end my piece on the great outdoors, the shots taken here were from a short 2hour trek through Wimbledon Common; minutes away from my flat. It's so great to live close by a place you can explore and get lost.

I'd recommend investing in a good insulated jacket this winter, gotta stay warm kids. Whether it be Regatta, North Face or even Canada Goose. It's up to you. With these outdoors specialists, you usually get what you pay for.

 Outfit details - Coat:  Regatta  / Beanie:  Edwin  / Backpack:  Carhartt WiP

Outfit details - Coat: Regatta / Beanie: Edwin / Backpack: Carhartt WiP