Islington's Finest Cocktail Bar

Cocktail bars are incredibly underrated in London. Especially those that actually serve food. 

I find myself regularly visiting amazing bars but having to leave early due to hunger from all the alcohol consumed!

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to Little Bat, a quaint bar in the heart of Islington. Not only do they create exceptional cocktails (ft rubber ducks and tiki glasses), they also have an amazing food menu to accompany it, meaning you can pick at some small and large plates whilst drinking the bar dry. 

Unlike a lot of bars, their small plates don't consist of nachos and a couple of olives. Little Bat provides its guests with hearty burgers equipped with fiery chipotle mayo, along with sweet potato and camembert croquettes that melt in your mouth. 
Similar to their sister bar Callooh Calay, Little Bat has their classic scotch egg which is cooked to perfection - seriously, go try it. 

The bar is super relaxed and has just the right amount of seating to make everyone feel comfortable.
One of my favourite cocktails I tried was the Bathtub Sour. Not only did it come accompanied by a little rubber duck making it completely Instagram worthy, the actual cocktail was probably the best I've ever tried. It was just the right amount of creamy and floral, it wasn't too overpowering and it allowed you to sip at it for a delayed period of time; I find that those cocktails are the best as they allow you to enjoy your night a lot more. 

Two hours passed by and I was just finishing my third cocktail, a Tiki Tom, which seemed to never end (in a good way of course!) 
A tiki drink is classically made with rum, but Little Bat created theirs with a Haymans Old Tom gin that provides the most beautiful floral flavours making it the perfect drink to end your night on. 

Little Bat is definitely up there on my most recommended bars. From relaxed settings, to sumptuous food and cocktails, and lets not forget brilliant music.
Not only that, but even the owner was getting his hands dirty and serving up food and drinks. It's a rarity to see all staff pull there weight, which is what makes Little Bat works so well.