Your LFW Must-Have Accessory

London Fashion Week is fast approaching and Naked Fashions is going to be providing you with the latest news and events across the four days!
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Within my preparation, I'm looking at what bloggers actually really need to get through the four days. And the number one thing? Their phone. Iphones are becoming more and more unreliable and dying on us multiple times a day. And who has the time to be running into Starbucks every 5 minutes to charge their phone?

I recently received the most exciting package from Case Scenario - one of the best phone case brands around. They offer a wide range of different phone cases so you'll never have a problem finding one you want. 
I now have a matching marble power block to my marble phone case which makes the perfect accompaniment for fashion week. The best thing about it? It can fully charge your phone in 1.5 hours. Not that that matters since you can carry it everywhere with you and still look great (not like the ugly plain powerblocks).

And just when I thought the parcel couldn't get any better - I opened a box from TDreams Company that contained three of the most beautiful pastel pink pieces I've ever seen. Upon first look, I just thought I'd been sent a pretty phone case with a matching mirror but no no no, TDreams x Case Scenario have made your aesthetic dreams come true and created a compact mirror that charges your phone as well!!!!
You can also buy each section of this box separately on the TDreams website, so if you really want to get your hands on this must-have accessory then purchase the mirror here.