Food for the Eyes

For those who know me, I'm not a big reader. I've got that 5 year old instinct but with a 22 year old taste (go for the pictures). But all this has not stopped me trying, in an industry saturated in magazines and books these are a few of the reads I've not managed to put down.

I first discovered Lost in Papercut, Stockholm. Immediately drawn to its rough edges and strong photographic cover. Lost is a travel magazine from China, and the thing I love most about it besides its spine-less back is the bilingual format inside. 

I'd liken Lost to a more rough and rugged Cereal magazine. With its minimalist overview and topics on travel and culture this is a definite must on your coffee table.

My next pick is 'Nordic: A Photographic Essay of Landscapes, Food and People' by Magnus Nilson. Another find from Stockholm and found surprisingly at a quarter of the price! Always one for a bargain. Anyway, this book is one that CAN be judged by its cover. The striking landscape photography is what drew me in to begin with.

Admittedly, yes, this book was a purchase purely for the photography within, to inspire future posts and push my own photography skills. However, once I started reading I found it even more inspiring.

Obviously I had to put Cereal in this post, who's reading list wouldn't have it on?

Cereal is a Travel and Style magazine, providing minimal looks from interior design to fashion. It's one I'll always add to my pile when browsing for new things to read (look at).

So the piece that really captured my eye in this particular volume was 'The Study of Light'. Light has always been a little bit of an art porn to me, and I'm pretty sure it shows in my Photography as well. So when I came across this article, I didn't want it to end.

Finally to finish, I'm giving you the clean slate. It's probably one of the most clean minimal magazines I've seen ever. And the clue's in the name, Minimalissimo, it's a magazine celebrating everything minimal, throughout you'll find heaps of greys, whites and blacks to satisfy your minimal ideas.

Minimalissimo focus on everything from architecture and art through to fashion. And if you aren't satisfied by the magazine, head to their website and you'll definitely get your fix.

Most of these magazines were actually mainly impulse buys, bought after seeing the cover and a quick glance through the pages, during that time, the only thing you can focus on are the pictures and design. Don't think me shallow or fickle though, I do read from time to time and I did do my research for most of these. I find that if you're still thinking about buying something a week after you've seen it, you might as well or it'll never leave your mind... right?

And so, I hereby end my library of visual knowledge bestowed upon you. It's not much, but it'll grow. And if you know any other magazines I should be reading, please feel free to share it below!

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