Snuggle up in the oversized coat of dreams this Blue Monday

New look longline coat

I am here and I am back with a style post for once. 
With everyone (including me) doing everything they can to grow their Instagram, I feel like outfit posts get posted on the app and then forgotten about. 
But when I started blogging seven years ago, it was all about creating a blog post with gorgeous imagery and showcasing the newest additions to your wardrobe. 
I'm all for writing about current affairs or speaking about what's on your mind, but at the end of the day, I started blogging to talk about clothes. To talk about beauty. And to give people an insight into my lifestyle. 
So, that's what I'm going to do today. 

I'm an absolute sucker for a good coat and I truly believe it can make or break an outfit. 
I've been on the hunt for an oversized, longline coat that I can just throw on and feel super comfortable in. 

This lil babe of a coat is from New Look (my fave) and was only £50. A bargain for me when my wardrobe consists of Max Mara and A.P.C coats...
The exterior looks a little fuzzy but is lined inside with a super soft silk-like material. I sticked to my usual size and as you can see, it's seriously oversized but it is so cosy to wrap around and bundle up on miserable days like today. 
Liverpool has to be the windiest city in the world, and on this day when we were shooting, I could have easily been blown away, but was shielded by this cocoon of a coat. 

I wanted to create an outfit that was super minimal and would match our architectural background, so I opted for an ancient turtleneck that was dragged from the back of my closet, some Levis black jeans (more on these soon). And I accessorised with my favourite pearl encrusted booties from Ego and a crossbody pink bag from Radley, which strikes an amazing resemblance to my A.P.C Luna without getting battered so easily. 

And that is it for this easy to wear, cosy look! Hope you enjoyed this super short and minimal blog post.