2017 Best Investments

So first things first: This post was heavily influenced after watching Lizzy's video. 
I originally thought about filming it, but after neglecting my blog this past year, I want to get back into writing and pushing as much traffic as possible to this site. 

I want to get straight into this post so let's kick it off with the first best investment:


Liverpool fog

2017 was the year I convinced my Southern softie boyfriend to move 250 miles North to my hometown of Liverpool. And it was the best decision I have ever made. 
London was my home for five years, and whilst I had the opportunity to meet my boyfriend and make some great friends, I was unhappy 80% of the time. Not only is it far too busy for anyone with anxiety, but the cost of living completely outweighed any chance I had of leading a nice lifestyle. 
Now I am in a beautiful two bed flat, in the centre of Liverpool, paying half the rent I previously was and able to spend time socialising, spend money treating myself and do more of the things I love. 
Moving to Liverpool has allowed me to focus on freelancing and truly start enjoying my twenties. If you're thinking of doing the same then I cannot recommend it more and will happily help with any questions people may have!



I will never begrudge spending money on travelling. There is no better experience than visiting a new city and discovering a new found love. 
Last year I was lucky enough to visit Croatia and Amsterdam which were both insanely beautiful (Croatia being my favourite - so much so we're heading back this year). 
Now that I am starting to be more financially independent, I would love to start travelling even more and documenting it all on this site. 



2017 was the year I invested in a lot of tech. Notably my Imac which is something I've been eyeing up for years (haven't we all?)
I chose to get this as a sort of Christmas present to add the final touch to my office. 
I also bought a new camera this year (Canon G5X) and the Ipad pro with apple pen. 
The latter was to pursue my illustration career as this is what I use to create those illustrations you're all familiar with. 
I would honestly highly recommend all three of the tech pieces I bought, mostly because I feel everyone needs the best tools they can get their hands on in order to advance in their career. (Or at least that's what I tell myself to justify this) 

Ash boots

Ash hope boots

The one and only fashion piece on this list. I absolutely hate your traditional 'heels', like a stiletto etc. So when I'm feeling a bit extra and want to look like more of a woman, I opt for heeled boots. So much so that I think I have a record number of black, heeled boots. 
When I saw these Ash boots I knew immediately that I needed them. They reminded so much of this YSL pair which I was never going to splurge on. 
Anyone who knows me personally knows I'm a huge sucker for anything cosmic-esque. So whack on a star, a moon or anything similar and I'm immediately drawn to it. 
Now, I won't be running any marathons in them, but I can positively say that these boots are super comfy despite their pointy appearance. They're perfect to spend the day rushing around the city whilst looking fancy af. 

And that concludes my best investments of the past year. I know there's not much on here, but trust me when I say that financially it adds up. 
What's the best thing you've invested in this year? It doesn't have to be monetary! 

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