The Dos and Don'ts of Brand Outreach

blogger outreach

Bloggers who email brands is something that's widely discussed on the Twittersphere. I see multiple tweets every day from both sides of the topic and feel that it's something that's widely frowned upon. 

A few of you requested a Dos and Don'ts blog post on the topic and I'm here to deliver just that. 
Having been on both sides of the fence (PR by day, blogger by night), I have a little bit of insight into the topic and just for a rounded report, I asked a couple of my PR pals their thoughts. 

I am one of the people who approve of bloggers emailing brands. But only when it's done correctly. So let's get down to it.


  • Form relationships first
  • Email brands that are relevant to your content
  • Personalise all emails
  • Compliment the brand
  • Explain why they will benefit in working with you
  • Tell them where you found their email if it's a personal one (referred by a friend, know someone in the industry, fashion monitor?)

    When speaking to my pal Klaudia (who's a kickass PR at Oskia Skincare - bloody beautiful skincare brand), and she has a couple of things to say on the topic.
The main thing is to know the brand that you’re talking to. We get so many blanket emails that do not relate to our brand at all - it shows that the person is only looking for a collaboration with any brand.

It is always good to reference to either work the brand has done or show that they already use the brand products.

Also, I think if the brand hasn’t seen any organic content previously on any social media platforms then they can get put off.

Finally, keeping in touch is a big plus. It’s so important for bloggers to reach out to PRs, even if it’s just to say hi or like and Instagram picture, because then PRs will remember you and they can reach out if anything does become available’
— Klaudia, Oskia Skincare


  • Send a blanket email 
  • Email brands you're not actually interested in 
  • Forget to be personal
  • Forget to add what you can offer
  • Email multiple times
  • Be a bitch


Basically, if you really want to work with an awesome brand then make sure to put yourself on their radar. 
You really want to engage with that particular brand and make sure they know of you before you reach out to them. Of course it's fine if they don't because there are so many small bloggers that create awesome content. But if that is you then use that to your advantage, show the content you create, give statistics on the engagement you get and most importantly is to just be nice. 
As Klaudia mentioned, working in PR, we receive so many blanket emails that are really cold, strategic and just not that nice. 
If I want to work with someone then I want to form a relationship with them, get to know them and really build a rapport. If you're truly interested in one particular brand then follow them on all social media, do you're research, follow the PR girls or boys on Instagram and become their best mate basically. 

I hope this blog post provides a bit more insight into the world of blogger vs PR relations and feel free to drop me a message if you have any specific questions! 

L x