Making a new place feel like home

September to me always feels more important than the New Year. For as long as I can remember, this has been the time when you get ready for a new year at school, move into a new place, start a new job and basically it's the time to get shit done before the real New Year comes in and you start making those resolutions you'll never keep. 

This September I somehow managed to convince my boyfriend to move 250 miles from our home in London to my real hometown of Liverpool. 
It was pretty easy to convince him once I'd explained a) the amount of money we can save and b) the amount of space we will have in a new flat. 

I searched for months for our perfect flat and I really think I hit the nail on the head with this one. 
We are right in the heart of the city, close to all the cutest independent cafes and stores and have a brand new flat that meets pretty much all of our needs. 

One thing I love about new builds is that the majority of them have open plan kitchen/living rooms which I find so appealing to let the natural light flow in and provide optimum space. Plus, it's a pretty nice little runway for our bunny Harvey to hop up and down. 

In a two bed flat, storage is key. I reached out to my pals at Amara to discuss the best storage options for me and completely fell in love with those industrial looking, old school locker storage units. Which is basically the perfect spot for all those beauty products I manage to hoard. 
As I'm sure you all know, Anthony and I are very inclined to a 'Scandi' way of living so I also picked up this super cool felt magazine holder from Skagen for all those magazines we don't read....

Most of our flat was furnished but I did pick up some other little trinkets and soft furnishing from IKEA (where else?) so let me take you on a little journey through them:

Living room:

The living room is basically the centre of our home so I like to fill it with lots of oxygen and good energy. The paper bag that houses our cheese plant was a pick up from Merci, Paris last Christmas. We also have a hanging plant in a bargain pot from Debenhams! 
Then our other plant (god knows what it is) has a bucket type holder from Ikea and finally our Jade plant has a marble print vase that came all the way from Hay House, Stockholm. 

The cute little ornamental ladder was £10 from Tiger but was ages ago sadly, however I'll link something similar here. The blanket that folds over it is from Ikea also and the candle below is Fornasetti from Amara

Our bloody beautiful, sculptural magazine holder is by Skagerak from Amara also and the lil #OOTD mirror is from Argos would you believe. 

We also have this cute ass perfume holder from a tiny shop back in Wimbledon called Nordic Style. Obviously it's meant to be for glasses or something but we give our perfumes a cute little house. 


'And here's where the magic happens.....'
No but really, the magic of my beauty products are mostly in this beautiful room. Amara verrrrry kindly gifted me this vintage looking locker style storage system which features my 'new in/trialling' products. As for the rest of them, they're in a rustic chest of drawers bought from Urban Outfitters a while back. 

You can't have a bed without a cosy lil blanket on top and I sourced this Bloomingville one via a small boutique on Trouva (also an ace place to buy homewares) 



Both of our desks and chairs are from Ikea but the real creme de la creme is clearly my prints (wink wink) 
The simple black frames are Ikea too because their cheap as chips and show off the beauty of our prints. You can purchase my perfume one here.


Like i said, I love open plan spaces. SO our kitchen kind of blends into the living room. But one of my favourite pieces in here is our decanters from LSA International via Amara. 
We also have a lot of vases from LSA which are really beautiful. They have some great kitchenware that I did whole post on which you can read here  .

If you're looking to spruce up your home then be sure to check out Amara and obviously Ikea. But, as good as Ikea can be, you do end up having a lot of the same things as everyone else on Instagram. So, if you want your adorable little home to stand out and feel like your own then definitely explore through Amara's pieces and treat yourself!!! Here's a few of my other favourite pieces from the site: 

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