The 5 best uses of Egyptian Magic Cream

Egyptian magic

I'm always looking for new holy grail products to share with you all, and the past month has seen me fall head over heels for Egyptian Magic Cream. 
I've always eyed up this all-in-one pot when browsing the beauty halls of Liberty, but was quite sceptical of it's true wonders. 

Luckily for you, I've been testing it out in many different ways and have found 5 fool-proof uses for this jar of magic. 

1 - Cleanser. This product only has 6 ingredients which makes it a very very natural product to use on sensitive skin.  I tend to use it as a first phase cleanser to melt away my makeup, leaving it baby smooth. 

2 - Healing burns. I am very guilty of being a bit clumsy in the kitchen (and as is my boyfriend to be honest), so I tend to get at least one cut, burn or scrape a week. If you burn yourself on the oven then slather this stuff on immediately to reduce the risk of blistering and peeling skin. 

3 - Chub rub. On a similar note, for most girls (and guys), the Summer is a constant battle of stopping thigh on thigh action. Prevention of this pretty much impossible, so at the end of the day when you've had a real fight, put some of this cream on to relieve all pain and any extra friction throughout the night. 

4 - Tattoo or microblading aftercare. No I haven't had a tattoo in the past month, but my god I wish I had this stuff when I got mine. However, microblading is very similar and in order to help the healing process and reduce irritation when scabbing over, slather a small amount of this product on overnight to wake up to perfect brows. 

5 - Face mask. For very dry skin, or people who suffer with eczema or psoriasis then apply a moderate amount of the cream all over your face or anywhere else on the body, leave for 30 minutes for it to really soak in and do it's magic and then wash off. 

There are SO many uses for Egyptian Magic Cream, I think the opportunities are probably endless. But these are the ones that I think are worth buying a pot for. The cream is especially good if you're a regular traveler as it combines many products into one easy-travel pot. 

Have you used this product? Do you have any tips? Let me know!