The night shirt you can wear 24/7

I can't deny I'm a bit of a home bird. I'd much rather stay in with a takeaway and Netflix than get dolled up for a night on the town. 
Because of this, I am always looking for and buying knew pyjamas or night dresses. I buy some of the cutest pjs ever but at the end of the day, always go to bed wearing a big oversized tshirt. 

That was until I was vvvvvvv kindly gifted this Eight Hour Studio night dress. It's the cosiest thing I've ever owned and literally as soft as my rabbit. It's the perfect length and size to be worn day and night and it also has pockets in it which is perfect for some late night snacking heheh. 

However, this night shirt is just too beautiful for bed. I cannot wait to get on the beach in Croatia and wear this over my swimsuit. 
And even in the UK, this is so easy to style with things. I wore it the other day with some blue jeans and a pair of white stan smiths.
Whilst many people might think it's a bit too long, you can unbutton it to your navel and achieve the ultimate slouchy weekend look. 

Eight Hour Studio

So check out the Eight Hour Studio website - they have some divine pieces and I'm very keen to get my hands on some lounge pants. Come follow me on Instagram to see how I wear this iconic piece on the beach this June.