Minimal Details

Minimal white shirt

I'm definitely one of those girls who chooses to wear the 'minimal' style. I'm pretty easy when it comes to prints, choosing not to go overboard with florals, although I can't deny I do love a good gingham print and stripes!!

But the one thing I always look for when shopping for clothes is details. I find some of the most minimal details really make an item stand out and they're also some of the best finishing touches for bringing an outfit together.

It's not often that high street brands do details and if they do, they rarely do them well. But I found this white shirt for £20 in Zara and couldn't believe the attention to detail. 

So this isn't your usual white shirt/blouse. When looking from afar, this shirt looks pretty standard. However, the sleeves have the most beautiful bow details, as does the back of the shirt. This is especially helpful if you want to dress a shirt down without losing it's feminity. 
As i'm you all know, I tend to go toward the androgynous kind of style so shirts like this are a winner in my wardrobe. (Plus can you ever have enough white blouses?)

Where do you buy minimal pieces with intricate details? I'd love to know!