The never ending jobs of a blogger

Whilst many people believe that blogging is the easiest job around, us bloggers are really aware of the struggles, time and dedication it takes to keep this up. 
This blog post is coming around as this is my sixth year in blogging, and also the year I decided to take my career into my own hands, have full control and go freelance. 

But to those of you who think this is maybe the easy route, or even to people who want to start a blog (woo, welcome to the family!) then let me give you a little insight into the many jobs us bloggers have. 


Olympus Pen Illustration

When we're not having our outfits shot by poor boyfriends who've been roped into the job, we're perfecting flatlays and trying to get 'that' shot that is going to get regrammed by our favourite brand. Note: it never happens


typewriter illustration

I know from experience that many people think blogging is just taking pretty pictures. BUT if you can't string a sentence together then you may as well stick to Instagram. If you don't enjoy writing then don't make a blog. Whilst pretty pictures bring it all together, writing/journalism is the key component to a blog, and if you don't have anything interesting to write then don't expect people to come back for more. Alternatively, you can try YouTube!!



Sell. Sell. Sell. Public Relations is traditionally about connecting the public with the media, and being the divider between these two. In this new age, bloggers are the media. And instead of hiring PR's, we sell ourselves to brands and the public! I have a slight advantage in that I actually studied PR at university, but for the rest of you, google will be your best friend.



Wait, can I put all these jobs on my CV? Styling yourself is pretty easy as you know what suits you, but when you're appealing to an ever-growing audience, that job gets a bit tougher. You need to know what's in season, what your demographic love, and most importantly - what looks good. 


Editing my posts is something that takes a lot of time. I will usually write a post then come back to it a few hours later to really edit it down and be clear on what it is I'm trying to say. Having experience in journalism is extremely helpful, but editing and proof-reading your work is such a chore. You need to seperate yourself from your feelings and really look at what it is you've wrote and what your readers can take away from this post. 


Clearly I'm not a 'model', although it feels like it when I'm stood in the street trying to look pretty and passers by stop and stare. But yeah, we have to put ourselves in the most uncomfortable positions (literally) to get that shot. 

Retoucher/ Photoshop Pro


Now I don't exactly retouch my photos, but everyone knows they need certain tweaks in regards to brightness, contrast, saturation etc. There are some online photo editors that are pretty easy, but if you can get on board with adobe products at an early age then it will definitely be in your benefit. 

 Social Media Manager


I've managed many brands social accounts, but have always found managing my own the hardest. With the Instagram algorithm screwing us all over, it's even harder to grow your business on these accounts.
With that being said, it's key to remember that your social accounts aren't everything. We never know what's going to happen with technology and these apps, which is why your domain is the most important piece to your brand puzzle. 
Growing social media accounts is key when you want to work with brands, but if your blog content is good enough, they will eventually see through the numbers game. 



Probably the worst job of them all. Following up on payments, tax returns, keeping track of all the incomings and outgoings, writing invoices. This isn't something they teach you at school, or even university and it's something I resent my education for.

I still don't have my shit together with all this, but that is one of the great things of blogging. It expands your horizons, it pushes you to open your eyes a bit more and start learning new things. 
This job is growing every day and this list really is never ending, but blogging is one of the best things I've ever done in my life and I never want it to end.