The Shopping Addicts Bible: Knomi

Knomi App

Calling all shopping addicts!! Welcome to the Pinterest for fashion. 
I have teamed up with a new and awesome app called Knomi to tell you exactly why you need to download and sign up to this app. 

Yes, I did refer to this app as the Pinterest for fashion. Similar to the pinning website, Knomi allows you to add products you're lusting for to different categories. For example, my 'shoe porn' category is where I collect alllllll those incredible shoes that I am dying to get my hands on. 

As a reader of Naked Fashions, I'm sure you're aware of my love with luxury and boutique brands such as Anya Hindmarch, Gucci and boutique stores like Wolf & Badger. But after downloading this app, the love has just grown and grown. 

Knomi App review

Explore the Knomi app. Find those lustful pieces that you want. Save them to your page. Next time you're near a boutique that stocks that piece, Knomi will alert you! And even better, they'll let you know when those pieces you're coveting go on sale. 

Whenever I head out to London, the Knomi app is the ultimate companion and can really bring light to some unknown shops making sure you get the best out of your day! Stay tuned for an area guide featuring Knomi shops! 

best shopping app - knomi

Is this something that grabs your attention? Come sign up and follow me on the app! Username: Itslaurenalexa and see exactly why I'm wishing for.