Putting up my first Christmas decorations, ever.

Ok so long term readers of Naked Fashions will realise that the title of this post is slightly exaggerated since I made my own little baubles last year (read about it here).

But, in my defence, this is the first year I've had a Christmas tree and multiple decorations in my home. 
Having moved house every year for the past years thanks to living that student life, it's been really hard to find a place that I can call home and actually want to spend money on. 
Since we moved up North and found the perfect apartment (more on that here), I have found so much joy in being an adult and collecting lots of interior bits. 

The ultimate goal is to have an artificial tree since they don't shed, don't die and look a lot fuller than real ones. But, I do love the act of going out and picking a real one. 

Since this is our first year with a tree, our ornament collection has only just begun. Some of the highlights include this Big Ben ornament from Anthropologie. This little guy is a tip of the hat to our time in London. I also picked up these snow globe animal baubles from Paperchase (which don't seem to exist on the website - classic) to include Harvey the mini lop in our tree. Finally, I was super kindly sent this By Terry tree ornament which houses my favourite By Terry Baume De Rose - a must for any beauty obsessive. 

Now it wouldn't be Christmas without plenty of lights. So I reached out to my pals at Amara to see what Christmas pieces they had to offer. 
I feel like a lot of our festive focus was on the living room and thus our bedroom felt slightly neglected. So I chose to brighten it up with this gorgeous crescent moon light by a brand called Sirius (which will actually be staying up all year). 
I've been looking for something to go above our bed for the past three months and this is the perfect mix of dainty and wow. 


They also have such a wonderful range of wreaths so I couldn't resist getting one for our home that will last a lifetime. 
Since we live in a flat I was a bit silly and decided I didn't want it on my front door... instead I put it on the kitchen door (there's a tip for you guys in flats). I selfishly wanted to get the most of it's beauty - not my neighbours. 
I chose the Gisela Graham wreath as it is a lovely two-tone colour and feels extra luxurious. 


A couple of other additions I've loved adding to our home this season: 
- A letter board because who can resist counting down the days to Christmas? I've been eyeing up letter boards for the past year but they're all in the £40 mark which seems quite excessive for something so novelty. So, on my recent trip to London I stopped in Hema (a cool Danish store which is very similar to Tiger) and found this little guy for £15. Instant win. 
- If you're not a fan of candles or want a constant stream of Winter scents then The White Company 'Winter' Pot pourri is divine. Mike from @mklyns came over the other week and instantly commented on it's amazing. *Ticks box*

White Company Pot Pourri

So that's it currently! Maybe next year I'll actually turn into Santa Claus and fill the house to the brim with decorations. I hope you all enjoyed these decoration tips and have a fabulous Christmas!