Double Loving


Autumn is setting in and any longtime readers of Naked Fashions will know that I am a sucker for coats and jackets. But if you needed any more evidence, I actually have a whole wardrobe dedicated to the garments. 

Since moving back to Liverpool I've been a little underwhelmed by my coat collection. Whilst I have many versatile pieces, I haven't got anything that I can throw on that's weatherproof, comfortable and most importantly - actually looks good. 
I love to take my parents dogs on walks and despite what it may seem, Anthony and I love to be outdoors so when I saw his recent collab with Craghoppers (check it out here, it's bloody good) I was very interested in what they had to offer the women. 

Craghoppers Ultimate Travel Collection

Their new collection is all about travel. Their minimal, statement pieces already catches the eye of someone who loves this style. But on top of that, their garments have some amazing technology incorporated which makes it the ultimate collection for any traveller. 

So if you've never heard of Craghoppers then let me give you some insight. They've actually been in the game since 1965 and have been working hard to deliver the top quality garments for their customers. They're owned by Regatta which I'm sure you all know are exceptional outdoors specialists, so that can only vouch for Craghoppers reputation. 

Craghoppers UTC

The Ultimate Travel Collection has been in the making for the past 50 years whilst they find what makes you tick, what you want in your travel gear and what will make you happier. 


I've been on the hunt for a bomber style jacket that just works with everything and they really hit the nail on the head with this one. 
The jacket featured in these images is the NOSILIFE ISLA JACKET MIDNIGHT BLUE. The colour of this jacket is just completely perfect. I'm so used to reaching for plain old black but this deep blue colour goes with pretty much everything I own and breaks up that daily all black style. 
On top of that, the jacket is reversible!! (hence the double loving title). 
When it's a bit colder, the 100% down interior keeps you extra snuggly, which means a walk down the Albert Dock isn't as scary as usual. However, to my surprise, I absolutely love wearing the down on the outside.
Puffer jackets and all of this style are in all the shops at the moment but I find them to be super chunky, so this is the perfect balance between the two. 

See below for the lowdown on the Craghoppers technologies:

Craghoppers Technology

You can shop the whole collection here (oh and did I mention they go up to a size 20). I hope you find something you really love! 

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