Where To Stay In Holborn & Shoreditch, London!

Living in London sounds like one of the best things in the world. But in reality, we are living on shoestring budgets whilst spending all of said budget on rent and fancy coffee. 

Sometimes, despite living in the city, we need to rekindle our love with London, and that's exactly what I did this weekend. 

I was very lucky to spend my Saturday evening at The Hoxton hotel in Holborn aka The Most Instagrammable Hotel ever
The Hoxton has two locations in London, both of which are equally perfect. Your choice depends on what you'd like to be surrounded by. Would you like to be close to the West End theatres and the shopping sanctuary that is Covent Garden? Or would you like to explore Columbia Road Market and some beautiful boutiques in Shoreditch? It's completely up to you. But whatever your choice, I can assure you that you'll be getting a) the best nights sleep and b) WONDERFUL service. 

What to expect? 
All The Hoxton rooms have this pretty awesome mirror in them which is perfect for all your pre-shopping selfies (and also makes you a bit of a narcissist, but who are we to judge?) 

Hoxton Hotel

The Hoxton beds are the cosiest and comfiest I've stayed in to date. They are full of pillows and silky soft bedding that makes you never want to leave. 

Looking for something cute & a little extra? Hang this brown paper bag on the outside of your bedroom door and it will *magically* be filled with a granola pot, banana and orange juice in the morning - everything you need to kickstart your London stay. 

Despite staying in Holborn, Shoreditch was a quick 20 minute bus ride so we jumped on this to go explore Aida Shoreditch - a pretty amazing mens and womenswear boutique that doubles as a coffee shop with these incredible rose lattés!!

Looking for a staycation? Or visiting London? Stay at The Hoxton!! (not sponsored I just bloooooody love this place).