How To Improve Your Instagram Feed

I'm definitely not the biggest Instagrammer around, but after 5 years on the app, there's been a few things I've learnt along the way. 
Over the past 6 months I've definitely put more effort into my content and my feed and I'm starting to see a loyal following forming.  
Remember guys, it's all about the content not the numbers. Hopefully these few tricks will have returning visitors to your feed and give you some loyal followers rather than thousands of empty followers! 

Here's a few tips I think could help you up your Instagram game

(despite the shitty algorithm) 

  • Unlike a lot of people, I don't plan my feed at all. I usually post in the moment and if there are pictures that I've collated over the weekend I save them as a 'draft' on my Insta page to post at some point in the week.
  • When it comes to editing, my go-to app has to be VSCOcam. I get a lot of questions about what filters I use etc and I pretty much only use two: HB2 and A6. Both have quite a warming tone to them and compliment the majority of my pictures. 
    However, if there's a picture you love but it has an orange light over it or isn't exactly the colour you like then use the 'selective' tool on Snapseed to desaturate those areas of the picture. 
  • I don't have a 'theme'. My style of photography is usually the same so all my photos compliment each other. Something to think about is colours or textures. For instance, one week I had a lot of pink in my photos which made the feed look extra sleek. Another thing that can help with bringing it together is using trends such as copper, marble, powder pink, things like this implemented into your pictures can make the whole gallery come together. 
  • Following on from that point, consider your feed as a gallery. If you wouldn't put those pictures together on a wall then don't put them together on your feed
  • If you really want to see how your feed will look then try out the apps Planoly or Mosaico
  • For a while I insisted on posting 3 times a day and would do anything to get those pictures. As a result, I ended up posting pictures that were not amazing. Now, I only post pictures that I'm really proud of. 
  • Post more pictures of you. Especially if you're a fashion blogger. I've noticed that my favourite Instagrammers flood their feed with pictures of their outfit, their face and this works so well. It definitely takes a lot more effort, especially if you're in a full time job like me but the payoff is worth it. 
  • KEY: You're only as good as your top 2 lines. OR you're only as good as your last 6 pictures. Take a minute to think about the profiles you follow, it's highly likely that you only looked at their profile for a few seconds before making a decision. The first thing people see is your bio. Make it short and precise. And then your last 6 photos. So make sure you are incredibly proud of them, that they show what your Instagram/blog is about and make people want to follow you. 

The most important thing about Instagram is to live in the moment and don't overthink it too much. Like I said, I'm not an expert but these things have definitely helped. 

Let's get a conversation going in the comments! Leave your Insta tips below :)