Dressing Like A Lady

My love for dresses and skirts has never been a strong one. I've always opted for jeans and trousers as I find them much more comfy and to be quite honest, I absolutely despise my legs. 

So you won't often find me in dresses or skirts here on Naked Fashions. 
However, I decided to use 2017 to experiment with my style a bit more. Instead of reaching for jumpers/tshirts and jeans*, I'm going to put a bit more thought into my outfits and try and find my true style. * That doesn't mean I won't be parading around in comfy jeans and jumpers, they're the best ok.  

January is a brilliant time to explore different styles thanks to the multitude of sales on the high street. 
I picked up this beautiful lace shirt in the Whistles sale down from £145 to £45. It has so much detail to it (it even has zips on the sleeves) and is so delicate that I had to pair it with a dress. 
In my mind I could see it with a black pinafore, but when I scoured the internet, I just couldn't find the one I was envisaging.
I went to ASOS and found this dress from a brand called Goldie. It is SUPER stretchy, comfortable and the perfect length - I find most dresses and skirts to be incredibly short despite only being 5ft7.

Following on with the pink theme that I seemed to have fell upon over the years, I paired this combo with a thick pair of tights (its bloody cold outside), my fool-proof Senso boots and my Radley crossbody bag.

When it comes to jewellery, delicate, tiny pieces never fail to cheer me up.
My sister kindly bought me this evil eye bracelet from Astley Clarke to compliment my other piece from there.

For rings, I am always wearing my Monica Vinader diamond hoop ring and I also picked up this moon & star ring from Accessorize for £3 in the sale! Win.

Let me know in the comments if you fancy experimenting with your style this year!