The Transition To Veganism

There may be a lot of *eye rolls* throughout this post but this is definitely a topic that needs to be spoken about more. 

This story starts when I became a vegetarian around the age of 7. And yes I know, ridiculously young. But at the time I was the biggest animal lover, and my grandmother (me nan to us scousers) had been a vegetarian for as long as I could remember so it seemed like the brightest idea ever.

Becoming vegetarian at such a young age seriously took its toll on me. Especially with the added burden that I was the fussiest eater around. After a further 6 years, and a lot of complaints from my parents, I decided to introduce meat back into my diet. So for the past 10 years, I've been eating meat day in day out. 

I can't deny I love a good steak or a burger, but at the end of the day, I'm such an animal lover that I can't think of anything worse. There isn't a necessity to eat animals, so why should I? 

It wasn't until recently that I wanted to try becoming vegetarian again. After seeing a number of vegan YouTubers and becoming slightly addicted to 'what I eat in a day' videos, I feel it's now time, at 22 years of age to cut the meat out. 

I then did some research into the dairy industry to find the ridiculous situations some animals are forced to live in. Cows are repeatedly impregnated and once given birth to their calf, it is ripped away from them to stop it from drinking their 'precious' milk. 
I've personally never been a fan of milk anyway, always opting for almond milk, but after reading these facts, I started to question every product with milk in. 

Now I don't want to be one of those annoying, preachy vegans, but the reality is that these things aren't voiced enough and that is all vegans and vegetarians are trying to do. 

However, I'll admit that I do love baked goods A LOT. So I think the transition to veganism will be extra hard, meaning that it is definitely going to be a transition.
But I feel so much better when I live a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. I feel incredibly uncomfortable and full when I eat meat so switching to some meaty vegetables like mushrooms are so refreshing. 

Kin Cafe, London

Kin Cafe, London

I have now been vegan for a month and it really broadens your horizons in terms of what you're eating. Again, I can't deny that it is extremely hard when you're on the go because the majority of supermarkets don't cater to vegans needs. However, living in London makes it slightly easier as there are a plethora of vegan restaurants and cafes to try (and even vegan bakeries like Ms Cupcake in Brixton). 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on veganism and I hope to share some recipes with you throughout my journey! Please leave a comment below or feel free to tweet me at @itslaurenalexa.