On Wednesday's We Wear Pink

Yep, I just quoted Mean Girls for the title of this blog post. But come on, it's probably that one chick flick that every guy actually likes, right? It can't just be me...

So I bought a pink tee. You're probably thinking 'it's not that big of a deal Anthony and it's not even that pink either'. However, looking at my wardrobe's track history, filled with whites, greys and blacks, pink is quite the game changer.

If you've had the mundane pleasure of talking to me about fashion recently, the Carhartt WiP range of pastel tees will have definitely come up. I find that Carhartt WiP always manage to ace their colour shades, whatever the garment. Carhartt WiP have priced these tees at a modest £25 and as soon as I was able to hunt one down (they sold out in this shade pretty quickly), I had one of my own.

I originally planned to match it up with my white Michigan Chore Coat, navy Vicious Pants and white Converse, however have yet to build up the courage for the almighty white and pink combo.
Instead I threw it under my 'vintage' Ralph Lauren Shirt (I don't think it is actually vintage) courtesy of the Urban Outfitters sale, my black Carhartt WiP Vicious Pants, and black Converse. An outfit I could easily wear day to day.

So this is my outfit of the day. I hope to be posting a little more frequently now, I've got a couple more bits I'd like to show you. But in the meantime, enjoy the pictures and comment if you feel inclined.