I visited my beautiful hometown of Liverpool last week and whilst there was invited to try a new offer menu at Jamie's Italian
The offer runs Monday-Thursday from 6pm, which is perfect for those Summer evenings, especially with there lovely outdoor seating (sadly too cold for us when visiting). 

I'm not usually one for commercial chain restaurants but Jamie's really did blow me away. Whilst they did invite me to sample the menu, the whole bill was not free and I was by no means swayed to write a biased review because of them inviting me. 

The offer entitles you to 3 courses (a starter, main and dessert) for £20. Yes, 20 quid. And there is SO much to choose from on the menu. 
I opted for the calamari to start with, steak for my main and cheesecake for dessert, which I could barely finish due to practically eating a whole cow. 

The restaurant is huge, a bit too big for my liking, especially since there was only a handful of couples in the restaurant, but on the other hand, it doesn't mean people are sat on top of you, and gives ample opportunity to take Instagram shots.
But in terms of food and service, it's a definite winner. The food is mouthwateringly good, but maybe don't eat throughout the day in order to have enough room for it. 
They also do a brilliant selection of cocktails which the waiters will happily talk you through to help decide. 
Overall the experience at Jamie's was brilliant and you can't go wrong with a 3 course meal for £20, can you?