I need to escape to the Maldives

I love city breaks. But I need a break from the city. 

Whenever I think about going away, it always seems to be to a new city that I can explore. But when it comes to relaxing, the city is definitely the last place you want to be. 
I do dream of being able to travel to beautiful beach resorts, especially the Maldives. 
Their white beaches and bright blue skies are enough to tear anyone away from city breaks, am I right?

The reality of a beach resort is that you can actually get the best of both worlds. For half the day I may relax on the beach but the rest of the time you can spend exploring the waters, finding zen through yoga, scouring through markets and taking a long boat trip across the sea. There is literally nothing better than finding the balance between the baking hot sun and the breeze from the sea. 

I'm currently scrolling through this website trying to find a deal whilst stopping my jaw from dropping at this crisp blue sea. 

What places are at the top of your list? Are you begging to escape the city like me?