Elizabeth and James A/W16 Press Day

To start with, the press day was located in Claridges; possibly one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve seen in London. They have seating in the lift; we’re talking the whole 10 miles here.

I’m not too familiar with Elizabeth And James’ previous collections however after entering the suite their reputation became immediately apparent. I didn’t even need to touch the clothing to see that the quality was there.

I must admit, surrounded by all these clothes and jewellery I went a bit snap happy, looping round the room several times before deciding that maybe I’d got the perfect shot on the first lap…

The rails were divided and arranged into several colour palettes, however all the colours could have worked together. It spread from rich reds through to gorgeous greens, a personal favourite at the moment, showcasing silks through to denim. I again, felt spoilt for choice (as if I could afford any of this anyway).

After maybe my second lap of the room I stumbled across a small side table with a small vase of flowers and two fragrances on top. I immediately leapt upon the chance to submerge my other senses into what could only be described as heaven. I think the scents were possibly my favourite thing about this event. The fragrances came in two different scents, black and white. The white being a lot more feminine whilst the black, more masculine. I promptly decided that the black was my favourite with its more woody scent due to the sandalwood mixed in. If I hadn’t have been watched, I probably would’ve covered myself with it, spending the rest of my day smelling better than the whole of London.

One thing however that did disappoint me was to hear about the manufacturing of the lines. Although all materials were sourced in Italy (which I greatly respect) the production is all done in china reminding me somewhat of the methods of more high street brands such as Topshop. You would like to think that with higher price points they would’ve been manufactured elsewhere, but I guess that’s a whole other blog post topic.

All in all, the whole experience was amazing, the rep was lovely to chat to and I got a lot of good info about the company and upcoming collections. I can’t wait to see the release and I’m desperate to get my hands on one of those killer perfumes.

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