March Favourites...and a vlog!?

I think my blog has been majorly lacking in the beauty and lifestyle department recently. This isn't a bad thing, as I said back in January I wanted to focus on fashion, which I have, so kudos for me. 

But I've received a couple of beauty pieces that I am loving at the moment, there are some oldies but goodies that I wanna talk to you about and I've also picked up some sweet lifestyle bits that I wanted to share.

I know this kind of post is typically found in the YouTube realm, but we all know I'm too much of a pussy to get in front of a camera. Plus I'm still yet to figure out whether you would be interested in watching me! (leave a comment or tweet me). I'm planning to get the Olympus Pen in the next few months and to start a Naked Fashions channel with vlogs and then possibly lead up to beauty/fashion videos. Let me know your thoughts!

Onto the important stuff and the reason you're here....

First up in my March favourites is a book that I shared on my Instagram; 'The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck'. I've always been a huge book lover but the final year of uni is massively taking over my free time so I'm still yet to finish this book. Saying that, I'm half way through and in love. If you're feeling completely fed up of stressing over the small stuff and spending time with people who don't give you enough of their time to you, then definitely read this book. It's a massive eye opener to the world around you, especially if you're 20+. You're starting your career, you're having to pick and choose your friends wisely and also choose how you spend your (now) very valuable free time. We all have those thoughts and this book just solidifies them and puts it all into context. 

Celine Glasses
Next up is kind of in the fashion category but is an accessory. I started wearing prescription glasses around November last year and dreaded the whole thing. That was until I found Bailey Nelson, who have the best range of prescription glasses and sunglasses and are such a cheap price (but there's more on that in a couple of weeks).
I have my staple pair of BN glasses but I've been looking for something that is more of a statement and I can wear when I'm feeling confident about my glasses and want to wear them as not only a necessity but also and accessory.
I was scouring the TK Maxx site looking for your usual homeware pieces when I found they stock Celine frames and sunglasses. I literally squealed. I came across these big frames that were reduced from £280 to £80 and snatched them right away. I'm going to be getting my lenses put in as soon as possible and an outfit post will be coming your way. 

Matches | Diptyque Candle
If you know me then you'll know I'm a huge candle whore. I literally can't get enough of them. The only problem is that I hate having to light candles with a lighter. I think it completely takes away the sultry, relaxing feeling of lighting a candle by having to faff around and burn your fingers on a lighter a couple of times (clearly I'm not and never have been a smoker). 
Not only do I love candles, but I love the smell of matches. I recently burnt down a mini Diptyque Baies candle and wanted to put something in it. So I chose to buy a box of HAY matches which are the most satisfying things ever. 
I know you're thinking 'it's a match. big deal'. But these matches light so quickly and smoothly, they come in the sweetest box designs and fit perfectly into my Baies candle. You can also buy these in Urban Outfitters!

Neom Candle | Prismologie Candle
On the subject of candles, I was looking to do a massage candle post but couldn't find enough brands that made them. 
Massage candles aren't just for couples. Neom market their candle as a nourishing moisturiser, meaning you could be having a single pamper session, light your luxurious Neom candle and then nourish your skin with a beautiful moisturiser. It smells absolutely divine and sinks into the skin so quickly. 
Another massage candle I tried is the Prismologie Indigo Interlude candle. You don't even have to light this candle to get a whiff, I simply opened the box and my room was flooded with the most incredible smell. The candle melts into a massage oil that is silky smooth and the perfect thing to have after a long day. I love it so much that after a month I've used every last drop of it. 

L'Oreal Studio Pro volume hairspray
During LFW I visited the L'Oreal studio pro pop up in Soho. The girls were amazing and pampered us completely. We got our hair styled with L'Oreal products and our makeup done with (of course) L'Oreal products. The infallible makeup range that they used seriously stood out to me. Their foundation made my skin look flawless and lasted a long time. And their contour palette was one of the best - actually it was the best - I've ever used. I definitely need to make a drugstore haul sometime soon. 
We left the salon with a bag of goodies, including this volume hairspray from their new studio pro range. I haven't stopped using this hairspray since. It makes me look like I have so much hair! And it isn't heavy on the hair at all. In fact, since using it, I've stopped washing my hair every day and I'm now washing it around 3 times a week. Winner. 

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil
I've been desperate to try this oil for so long, especially after every blogger and their cat go on about it. It's massively hyped but for once is well worth the hype. I've been using this every night for the whole of March and have noticed a massive difference in my skin. I'm used to having a few spots pop up most days and after a crappy bought of teenage acne have a few scars. This oil has completely smoothed out these imperfections and I'm rarely getting spots at the moment. It isn't like a lot of oils that I've tried in the fact that you can't really feel it on your skin. There's a little shiney layer on your skin for about 5 minutes but other than that, you'll have a peaceful sleep and wake up with beautiful skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream
I  sadly can't say the same about the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream. Again, this is something that's been massively hyped in the blogosphere and after my first application I was honestly, super disappointed. The product had such a tacky feeling to it and stayed on my skin all through the night. I felt massively defeated as such an avid Charlotte Tilbury lover.
After this episode, I read so many more reviews and was like 'fuck it, I'm going to give it another go'. This time I took less than a pea sized amount and applied it all over my face and down my neck.
Your skin instantly feels plumper as soon as you put it on and the next day you have such a youthful glow (I know I'm only 21 but trust me, London does bad things to you). So my guidance to you is to take the tiniest bit of the product and let it stretch a long way. There is still a stickiness to it but the effects are worth it. 

Verso Super Eye Serum (with retinol 8)
I was sent this eye serum a while back to try out and somehow it ended up completely lost in my beauty stash. Recently I've felt that the bags under my eyes are just getting out of hand, especially for someone so young. So I ran to my beauty stash and found this bad boy. For the past month I've been using this serum morning and night and haven't noticed a massive difference in the bags under my eyes, but have noticed that the puffiness around my eyes and the general elasticity is a lot better, to the point where my makeup no longer feels like it's dragging along that area. This serum is perfect for people with sensitive eyes as the gel has a barely-there consistency. 

Neals Yard Beauty Sleep Body Butter
Neals Yard were amazing enough to send me something to help me sleep a little more! As I said, final year is getting the best of me and sleep isn't my biggest priority. This silky soft body butter is enriched with essential oils to aid in a better nights sleep. It has the most beautiful patchouli scent and leaves your skin feeling brand new after a rested night. Not only does the product do wonders for your skin but I feel that the scent really helps me drift off a lot better. 

Monu Brightening Serum
The word brightening is the key word in this product. I apply it every day before moisturising and my god does it brighten your complexion. A super lightweight product that gives you an instant result.

Perricone MD mascara
Another product that got completely lost in my beauty stash but that I've fallen for this month is the Perricone MD no makeup makeup mascara. The brush on this mascara is so neat and precise that it allows you to reach every single lash and the consistency doesn't clump at all. I love the sleek design of this mascara as well, it's so much nicer than the usual plastic, cheap-looking ones I pick up on the high street. 

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Aruba
And finally, an old love. I started using this bronzer around about when I was 15. It is so hard to find a bronzer when you're as pale as I am and little 15 year old me thought this was the shit. For some reason, I stopped loving it and switched to Benefits Hoola but I recently found it and oh my god it really is the shit. I always knew 15 year old me was the best me. It has illuminating properties in it which means when it catches the light your contour is on fleek. The thing about this bronzer is that it really gives a natural glow and isn't orangey in any way. As you can see, I am definitely in need of a new one!

And that's it for this months favourites! Again, if you'd rather not read through all this dribble, let me know and I will create a YouTube channel!