Welcoming Menswear to Naked Fashions

I am a musician, photographer, model, Instagram husband, completely broke and now a fashion blogger. Welcome to my life, should be fun right?

So where to begin.. Black pants from Carhartt and an array of various white tees is pretty much my everyday go to.

But it's more about the statement pieces here isn't it? The jacket, the watch, the sneakers, maybe even the socks... I don't consider myself to be particularly extravagant with my fashion decisions, in terms of my style, comfort is number one priority. A decent pair of pants and a nice oversized jumper is what you will generally see me in on a daily basis.

To me it's more about the brands and styles that I wear rather than how loud can I go. I'll admit I love my sneakers and am constantly debating that £100+ price point. Jackets are also a big deal, I style most of my daily outfits around the jacket that will just cover them up.

But anyway, welcome to the new menswear bit. Should be quite a lot up soon, I've spent all my money on it so y'know, wait and see.
Full details of the outfit featured will be coming up this month so be sure to subscribe below and follow Naked Fashions on Instagram and Twitter!