Sweet Treats This Valentines

It's time again to spend money on your loved ones at some attempt to prove your love... *eye roll*

As you can tell, Valentines isn't my favourite holiday. I don't plan on celebrating Valentines but who can resist some amazing chocolate? A lot of bloggers will fill these kind of posts with cheesy Valentines lines and force your hand to buy pointless memorabilia you'll never use again. 

Hint: Don't buy teddies or other things that will gather dust in your bedroom. 

 However, London chocolatiers plan this day for months, and come up with some of the best concoctions you'll see, so it'd be rude not to try their creations, right? If there's something I do love, it's any Holiday that can be used as an excuse to eat chocolate. 

On a gloomy Saturday morning I was lucky enough to receive two exciting parcels containing these yummy treats from chocolate boutique William Curley. 

William Curley have a huge selection of Valentines treats, including this chocolate heart which immediately caught my eye on the site. 
The milk chocolate heart is filled with hazelnuts, pistachios and dried raspberries. The chocolate is super thick making this a luxurious gift for your loved one at a reasonable price of £15. 
I was also sent a selection of their chocolate love hearts filled with white chocolate and raspberry which actually comes in a beautiful heart shaped box (duh) for £25.

So if you're not a massive fan of Valentines but still want to treat your loved one, or even yourself, then definitely take a trip down to William Curley located in Belgravia, Richmond and Harrods. 
Explore the collection here