The Most Relaxing Evening with Spa Verta

After an incredibly long fashion week last weekend, I was invited to the beautiful Spa Verta at Battersea Crowne Plaza. 
I'm a real sucker for a spa day and never get the opportunity to go enough. We were given access to all the facilities and also given a 30 minute neck, shoulder and back massage which was absolute bliss.

The hotel is a ten minute walk from Clapham Junction but I have to say it isn't in the greatest location; quite industrial and surrounded by a main road.
Regardless of this, once you're inside, you could honestly be anywhere. 
The hydrotherapy pool had to be my highlight. I don't really know if you could call it a pool since you couldn't swim laps in it, but it was the most relaxing thing ever, with actual seats for you to lounge around on whilst in the pool.
The spa had all your other usual amenities like a gym, sauna, steam room etc. They have some incredible products and the massage was probably the best I've ever had. 
Since I live in South London, Spa Verta was the perfect location for me and has a number of services that you can get, from massages to facials and even manicures. 
If you're looking for a easy to reach spa that will give you a guaranteed pick me up then definitely check out Spa Verta for treatments. 

Thanks to Spa Seekers and Spa Verta for a wonderful evening! 

Lauren JohnstoneComment