Sleep, Indulge, Spend: Copenhagen

Welcome back to one my favourite cities in the world

Last September I brought you along for my weekend away to Copenhagen. I completely fell in love with this Danish capital, its incredible design and picturesque glory. The architecture and design here boasts some of the best in the world and it's so inspiring to hear from locals that parts of the city were only really built up two years ago.

A lot of us are drawn to Copenhagen for its Danish design and beauty, but for me it's the people that keeps me going back. They are so relaxed and welcoming that it really makes you feel at home.

  I created a Copenhagen guide back in September that talks a lot about some of my favourite places so if you're interested in shops like Acne Archive and museums like Louisiana MOMA then check out part one here



Previously, I've stayed in AirBnB's but when I came across these luxury design apartments created by STAY, I knew it would be the perfect setting for my boyfriend and I (since we we're visiting the city for his birthday). 
STAY apartments have been completely decorated and kitted out in Hay Design, my favourite Danish designer.
We were lucky enough to secure the penthouse at STAY which featured a huge living and kitchen area, the ultimate marble bathroom, comfiest bed and three balconies. Yes, three. I don't know what we needed three for either. 
The apartment was completely minimal as you can see from the pictures but whilst to some this may seem cold, this is my dream (plus the underfloor heating is a winner). 

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I visited Scarpetta during my last trip and due to the incredible service and food, chose to return. Scarpetta serves (in my opinion) Michelin starred food at a fraction of the price. Here we chose the 5 course menu which comes in at around £30. If you're going to try this place out and don't opt for the 5 course menu then definitely try the steak, it's hands down the best I've tried in my life. 

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A little research on Ruby bar will show you that it's awarded as one of the top bars in the world, never mind Copenhagen. At Ruby, you are treated like royalty. The waiters know exactly what they're talking about and explain the ingredients of each drink to you. Ruby is an experience. You don't come here to get pissed on cheap shots but to enjoy a real cocktail with good company is luxurious surroundings. 

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Another tasting menu, but this time it's 7 courses at around £50. Yet another restaurant in Copenhagen that takes their time in explaining exactly what it is you're getting and helping you understand what you're eating. 
If you're looking for an intimate evening where you can spend endless hours drinking copious amounts of wine, eating delicious food and feeling completely secure in your surroundings then head here. 

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The Donut Shop  

Give. Me. The. Donuts. Editing these pictures was the hardest thing ever and gave me the biggest cravings. The Donut Shop has two location in Copenhagen and is a little humble shop filled with the most incredible smell. 
With a huge range of flavours to chose from, you are spoilt for choice at The Donut Shop with their chewy, fluffy creations. 

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42 raw 

The Danish know health. They cycle everywhere, their streets are unpolluted and their cafes are as a raw as they come. We definitely need way more cafes like this in London. 
42 Raw is gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, etc etc etc. But their food is SO yummy. We opted for the 'brunch' which gives you a selection of goodies. 
Starting with pancakes and granola and ending with avocado, toast, sweet potato chips and a delicious alioli sauce. 
They also offer coffees with either soy, coconut or almond milk. 

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I'd usually use my spend section for a plethora of amazing shops for you to browse, but I pretty much covered them in my previous guide. So here I'm going to show you how to spend your time (especially if Christiana isn't your bag) 

Dome of Visions

I was SO excited to visit the dome of visions whilst in Copenhagen. I'd seen it everywhere on Instagram and it looked so picturesque and big. 
Sadly, the day we arrived the dome was covered in condensation so seeing out of it wasn't that great. However, the inside is just as beautiful, filled with botanics and sweet places to sit for a while and grab a coffee. It's a beautiful structure and just shows the extent and beauty of Danish design so definitely worth a visit, I just hope there aint no condensation when you arrive!

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Hay house

The struggle of taking hand luggage to Copenhagen is that you can't bring everything from Hay House home with you. That and the fact I'd have to sell a kidney to afford it all. 
Still, Hay House covers the 2nd and 3rd floor of an apartment located in the city centre. It will give you all the Danish home inspiration and leave you hating your current life (but in a good way, looking towards the future). 
I managed to convince my boyfriend that we could totally fit a cushion in our hand luggage and with a little push (and me sitting on the case) it did! 
I also picked up a beautiful marble vase from there. If you love Danish design as much as I do then go browse the two floors of this beautiful apartment. Also, the mini market is pretty fun. 

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Black Diamond (The Royal Library) 

I know what you're thinking, why the fuck would I go to a library when I'm in such a beautiful city? But trust me, the architecture alone is worth seeing. 
Named the 'Black Diamond', this library combines both the old and the new. Not only does the building catch the most incredible reflections of the sunset, it also has the best symmetry inside that creates the perfect shots if you're into your photography.

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