Sounds To Study

Unfortunately I am not a full time creative. Like most I manage a part-time job, degree and personal interests simultaneously; it's a tough gig.

So it's now around that time where I actually have to consider my degree and the three years that have led me up to this point. My final major project and dissertation loom over me constantly leaving me no escape except through creating content such as this.

I think it must be a generational issue that we have become so easily distracted, the idea of plowing out 6000+ words seems like a lifetime of work, yet it's got to be done...

So how do we overcome this? That oh so familiar 'taking a seat and knowing you're in for the long haul' type feeling... By engaging the only other sense that might distract you of course.

I find music is crucial for my concentration. A simple melody or beat increases my thought flow tenfold whilst the change in songs now and again keep me on my toes so I don't sink in too comfortably. So basically you're looking for a playlist to keep you interested enough to leave it on but not distracting enough that you enjoy the music too much; tricky right?

I present to you; Late Night Tales. A series of albums created by a variety of artists, in other words, you're bound to find one you like. Artists ranging from Snow Patrol and MGMT through Four Tet, Fatboy Slim over to Nils Frahm and Jon Hopkins; there is literally something for everyone here. And the best part is that I am always hearing something new and different.

Accompanying the diverse range of music is a stunning set of visual artwork, vibrant colours and intriguing photos really express each albums individuality. And guess what, Spotify has them all (I wish I get paid to say that).

So I can't advise you on what to listen to first... All I can say is; explore. I personally really enjoy the Jon Hopkins album, his mix of ambient, minimal and plain strange music is beautiful and it's just so easy to just let it sink into the background. Perfect for work.

To summarise, all you really need is some time, a good cup of coffee, a Late Night Tales album of your choice and a small amount of persistence. 

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