Presents for the doer

Another Christmas gift guide from myself today! This one is for those super productive people in your lives, or as I like to call them, the 'doers'. 

1)  Neom Organics have to be one of my favourite brands when it comes to candles, room scents and overall wellness. There de-stress kit has everything you need to sit down and relax. 

2) Next is the Louis Vuitton ink bottle. I suppose this is a bit of a novelty item, but you can't deny it would look amazing on your desk. I actually love inks and think this classic colour is a winner.

3) In order to get all your work done, you need to get your beauty sleep. The Slip Silk Eye Mask will help block out all that unwanted light and also help protect your skin from getting wrinkles. 

4) Being a doer doesn't mean you have to compromise on downtime, which is why a few of these items are going to help you optimise your down time. 
Firstly, you need to work on scents. Diptyque have to be the most luxurious candles there are and this trio would make an adorable gift. Plus, Net-A-Porter do some pretty awesome gift wrapping.

5) Of course, you need to keep your phone charged and you definitely don't want your charger constantly breaking. This cord from Le Cord has to be on the sturdiest about, and also happens to look pretty cute. 

6) Don't forget to keep hydrated at home and on the go! Swell create the cutest bottles that would be a perfect addition to someones Christmas stocking.

7) The Moncole Weekly Diary Planner. As much as technology is taking over our lives, I still stay true to pen and paper. My diary goes everywhere with me and this pocket sized one is just perfect to get everything down in one place and take it with you.

A couple of these pieces are on my own Christmas list and are sure to be an awesome present for the doer in your life. Let me know if you gift any of them!