Settling In With LSA

If you're following me on social media then I'm sure you're aware I recently moved to the beautiful area of Wimbledon. 

Having spent my past three student years in Peckham, I decided it was most definitely time for a change. 
Finding a property to rent in London is one of life's biggest struggles. You are constantly compromising on size, interiors, area whilst the price gets higher and higher. 

My boyfriend and I were incredibly lucky to find an apartment within our budget, with a beautiful mezzanine level, Scandinavian interiors and plenty of natural light. 

Whilst the apartment is pretty much fully-furnished, I like to add my own personal touches and couldn't resist adding a few pieces from LSA in celebration of their 50th year anniversary. 

Tip: Do not go on their website without an aim. You will get sucked in and want to buy every single product. Whether you will use it or not. 

For the flower lovers

As a big lover of flowers, vases were top of my priority list. So when I saw this little couple that you can stack or use on their own, I was thinking of all the places I could put them, what flowers I can add to them and how can I get my boyfriend on board with this idea.  

For the couples

Is there anything better than things that are 'his & hers'? When I saw this decanter set I immediately envisaged my gin and his whisky in them. So that's what we did. And don't they look perfect? 

For the downtime

My second purchase was made purely for some downtime. Imagine being surrounded by all your plants, with a beautiful new book and the perfect cup of tea. 
I personally opt for the herbal kind but this 'tea for one' set makes everything so easy. 
The tea pot can hold around two cups of tea (not enough for me to be honest) and the coaster at the bottom of this set is now my favourite thing (mostly because I'm lazy and don't want to lean over to get my tea).

For the party hosters

Finally, if you love hosting parties then these champagne glasses are for you. They have the most beautiful engravings and remind me completely of the Gatsby glasses which make me want to hold an extravagant party. 

All of the products featured can be bought from the wonderful Amara Living site!