Menswear Gift Guide

With Christmas fast approaching, it's time to think presents. We've put together this menswear gift guide to provide you with some inspiration for that man in your life (or maybe even yourself?)

When looking for what to wear this winter I find that flexibility is key, especially if you can only afford that one really nice coat from APC, it's going to have to be able to work with multiple outfits!

I have selected a few statement pieces that I will definitely be adding to my wardrobe for the cold season ahead. Hopefully, these pieces will look brilliant under your tree too!

First off, the jacket. APC's Ottawa Jacket, a good earthy green finished with a beautifully soft, white sheep skin collar. Trust me when I say that this jacket is warm, I've tried it in store too many times to be okay..

Next, the denim. A classic Edwin jean, the ED-80 Slim Tapered with a white selvage. Now these are an item that can be used all year round (of course) and in contrast to your standard black pair of jeans the white selvage will bring a really nice subtle touch when you show off that quick roll up.

The sweater. Now I for one am a sweater hoarder, I can most definitely say that I own too many pairs of sweaters and the worst part about it is; they're pretty much all either black, grey or navy.. However, upon saying that, Gant's Diamond G jumper is the plainest grey out there with a really nice stitching on the shoulders (I'm not entirely sure what it's called, but I like it!).
Saying that, the majority of the knitwear pieces from House of Fraser will be the perfect accompaniment to your Winter wardrobe.

Lastly, the shoes. I find that shoes in winter are a crucial part of your wardrobe, particularly living in London. The weather here is more than unpredictable, rain, snow, wind, you name it, we've probably had it.

The Redwing's were an obvious choice, they are guaranteed to last through anything the great British weather may have in store and they'll actually look better with age! And secondly, a pair of staple white sneakers, I've chosen WTAPS Court Sneaker because of the simplistic design and also the black label on the tongue is a really nice touch. Yes they'll look like Adidas Stans or Common Projects but they won't be (Hipster forever).

Grooming wise I have singled out a few pieces that can be applied to every man. The shaver, the necessity to every man, I have chosen the Phillips One Blade, an electric shaver (for those late mornings) that provides a closer shave than I can say I've ever had, also, completely waterproof! Next up is the moisturiser. I've been using the Kiehl's Oil Eliminator recently and it actually really works! I naturally tend to have greasy skin and working long shifts doesn't help either. Kiehl's oil eliminator does exactly what it says on the tin, need I say more? And lastly we have your scent, can't go leaving the house without smelling like a princess eh? I'd highly recommend Le Labo's Thé Noir, it's the perfect all day scent starting fresh and sweet in the morning and by the time you get home it'll be really woody and musky. I've been testing a few of Le Labo's fragrances recently and this is definitely one of my top choices to wear!

Now before I blabber on about accessories these are the basic points I wanted to make and advise you on for the upcoming season. 
I believe in functional wear. For me it has to be durable and lasting. Trust in the brands you know, they have a reputation for a reason. And most of all, however not all cases, you get what you pay for. Don't go scrimping on that £25 watch that will undoubtedly break, choose something you will wear for years to come and splurge.

The rest of the accessories are listed below:

Watch: Instrmnt 01 / Scarf: Acne Studios / Belt: Hender Scheme / Socks: Carhartt WiP / Beanie: Norse Projects / Glasses: Bailey Nelson / Bag: Bag 'N' Noun / Keyholder: Carhartt WiP / Cardholder: APC