Sleep, Indulge, Spend: Stockholm

I just got back from the quickest trip to Stockholm. I spent four days in the wonderful city with my other half, exploring what it has to offer whilst trying to keep warm. 

If you've been following Naked Fashions for a long time then you'll remember my trip to Stockholm a few years ago. It was here that I declared my love for the blustery city. 
Since visiting Stockholm, I have travelled to another Scandi city, Copenhagen, and whilst some may see this as fickle, I instantly fell in love with this city too! 

Upon returning to Stockholm, I had an uneasy feeling. We boarded the coach from the airport to take us to our Airbnb and were greeted by some pretty rude employees. 
However this isn't the only time this happened. Over the four days of staying in Stockholm, we encountered a few nice people but the majority of unhappy employees and unhelpful people. 

The food choices are pretty dim and the prices are extortionate. We ate at some lovely restaurants but I can't say I was blown away by the meals, nor would I say they were worth in excess of £100.

On a slightly positive note, we stayed in a wonderful Airbnb, grabbed some bargains in the shops and saw many a dog and bear cub in Skansen. 
Here's my lowdown on where to sleep, indulge and spend those precious pennies in Stockholm. 

Stay: Airbnb

I'm sure we all know how iconic Swedish design is. So when the opportunity to stay in someones Swedish design apartment crops up, then you have to grab it. 
Our Airbnb was in a lovely little area, very close to the local trains and buses. It had the most gorgeous natural light showering through the windows into every crack of the apartment. This antique chair had to be my favourite piece of design within the apartment, and we took full advantage of it by shooting my previous outfit post.  



I can't deny that the food options in Stockholm weren't my favourite. We had some delicious lunches in some lovely cafes, but when it came to dinner it wasn't great. Two restaurants that I would recommend are East and Koh Phangan, both of which we didn't get any pictures of. 

In terms of cafes, these two stood out:

Greasy Spoon

We were pretty lucky to have Greasy Spoon at the end of the road from our Airbnb. The illuminated fried egg will be enough to grab your attention, but inside the marble tables and American diner style is a winner. 
The staff are super friendly and the food is divine. I opted for some vegan blueberry pancakes and Anthony got the full veggie breakfast. Both were exceptional. 

 35mm film, exposed. 

35mm film, exposed. 

At the very end of a quaint sideroad, Snickerbacken stands. This cafe/shop usually has a queue out the door but perseverance is key. If there's two of you, I'd recommend one of you scouting out a table whilst the other queues to order. It has an extensive menu of moderately healthy foods. Their chia pudding is dreamy and their portobello mushroom and cheese toasty is the best thing to warm you up on a cold day. 
Once you're well rested and full up on good food, you can wander through to their shop which has a number of beautiful lifestyle pieces. 




 35mm film

35mm film

Top of my list of things to do whilst in Stockholm was to visit Centralbadet. This is Stockholm's public bath house. It is on the slightly expensive side costing around £80 for two people (without spa treatment) but you can just spend hours there, escaping the blistering cold of Stockholm and relaxing. We spent a good two hours lounging around in the jacuzzi, doing laps in the huge swimming pool and drying off in the sauna. 

Acne Archive

You can't possibly visit Stockholm or Copenhagen without a visit to Acne Archive. Both cities have left me with a number of purchases from the store. However, this had to be the best. I've been eyeing up the Acne pistol boots for YEARS!! And there they were. Black leather. Tan contrast zips. £80. Yes, £80. And they are now mine. Just go to the store (which again was a ten minute stroll from our Airbnb) and take in all the exceptional pieces from this beautiful brand. 


There is one road in Sodermalm with Grandpa, La Bruket, the cutest plant store and an adorable cafe. All on one tiny road. Grandpa is a great shop for both men and women. I have to say that the menswear range is a lot more extensive than the womens. But it still has so many lovely little trinkets to 'ooh' and 'ahh' over. 

L:A Bruket

A minimal skincare brand. The design and branding etc of L:A Bruket is actually incredibly similar to that of Aesop. Which I think is what drew me into the store. However, it definitely has a more rustic feel and you won't want to leave there empty handed. I left with a foot scrub which comes on a rope to hang in your shower. (review to come)


The holy grail of magazines. I could honestly spend hours upon hours in this store. I find it so therapeutic. Again, it's on a road with many a store such as Nitty Gritty, Our Legacy and many others. It has absolutely every magazine (and book) you could dream of. 

Nitty Gritty

I've mentioned this in my previous Stockholm post. But for us Londoners, Nitty Gritty is probably the Goodhood of Stockholm. The menswear shop is SO good! And even has a hair salon in there now. 


Finally, there's Skansen. I'm not one for tourist spots but this open-air museum makes me so happy, despite the number of children running around it. 
It takes you back to the real Swedish way of life and shows you all the sweet little wooden houses that they had. 
But the best part is the Scandinavian animals that they have there. Brown bears, to be precise. This year we saw the cutest family of brown bears with their little cubs. It's a great way to take in some Swedish history and melt over many a cute animal. 

Ending this blog post with a picture of a bear cub with a corn on the cob. Bye x