Hitting the Jackpot

Alexander Lewis. Remember that name. 

About a week ago, I received a press release from Alexander Lewis. At the time, I hadn't heard of this brand but was glad to have clicked through the link and be greeted with some of the most beautiful and intricate knitwear I'd seen (amongst other breathtaking pieces). 

I was immediately in awe of their 'Mamacita' jumper but when they sent over this sample for me to shoot, I was even happier. 
Each of their knitwear pieces are handmade in Wales using Mongolian Cashmere which makes them the cosssssssiest staple pieces for Winter. 
It is one of those super soft cashmeres that can be worn against the skin without any irritation. And since graphic pieces are in-style at the moment, the Jackpot writing in baby blue is the perfect addition. 

For a relaxed look, I tucked the jumper into a pair of wide-leg New Look trousers and the new Adidas stan smiths that are pure white with raw leather edges (also the softest leather and comfiest trainers I own to date). 

Seriously just take a look at his website and tell me you want every piece on there.