Instagram Isn't Real

I wish I could be one of those bloggers who can take generic pictures of  '#DeskGoals', with an all white desk, copper materials everywhere and beautiful papers. But sadly, I cannot. I am a student. I live in a crappy student house. And despite the crapiness of it, I do my best to take beautiful pictures (like everyone else) for Instagram, because who wants to see a makeup stained carpet?

The reality of life is so beyond Instagram that I sometimes forget that peoples lives aren't all that perfect. Whilst they may have snow white rooms and adorable furnishings - a filter can do wonders. 

Regardless, I love beautiful things. Every inch of my being loves pointless trinkets that add a bit of happiness to your life. So I try to add something beautiful to every aspect of my life, especially stationery. 

I may not have the best desk to display them on, but fuck it. I can take my diary to a café if I'm desperate for the ultimate flat lay. 
Recently, 'The Psychology Of Colour' pencils fell into my possession. (Oh, did I mention I'm also a sucker for present day fads like 'adult colouring books'?)
As someone in the creative industry, the psychology of colour has always stood out to me, so when I came across a set of pencils to remind me what each colour means, I had to have them. 
The surprising thing is that these pencils are literally the best I've ever owned. The pigmentation is extraordinary, they're super smooth to colour with (making it even more relaxing) and the sleek black case makes them perfect to carry on the go. 

Also featured in this post is the dreamiest 2016 diary from Els & Nels, which I picked up whilst in Berlin. 
Below are some of my favourite pieces & shops for you to check out and decorate your desks!