Starting The New Year As A Bear

We have been completely spoilt the past few months in regards to weather. So now that the air is starting to feel like it should in the Winter, everyone is shitting themselves; and doing so very vocally across social media. 

As a coat hoarder, I am not worried about the cold in any way, shape or form. 
Especially after this most recent purchase of the Maison Martin Margiela (MM6) teddy jacket which has now become my new baby.
I had my eye on this beauty before Christmas and couldn't resist after it dropped to half price in the Matches Fashion sale. 

I love nothing more than a fluffy coat that can double as a blanket. There have been plenty of 'teddy' coats in stores the past few months but the colour, collar and belt of this jacket drew me in completely. 

Teddy coats go with absolutely everything. But I prefer (as always) to pair it with an all black outfit, and accessories. 
I've currently been wearing these three rings daily. And whilst most people don't like to mix metals, I think gold and silver jewellery look beautiful together when arranged correctly. 

Also featured in this look is this sassy little necklace from In God We Trust NYC.
There is a huge range of these 'Sweet Nothings' necklaces that have lots of sayings on them from 'boring' to 'sweet tits'. OR - even better - you can personalise them with whatever you want. 

The only downside to the brass necklaces is that they can get tarnished so easily, so be sure not to make the mistake (that I did), of getting in the shower feeling like a bad bitch and coming out looking like an idiot with a green necklace... 

But hey, New Year, New Me, right? No more tarnished jewellery and plenty of coats in my wardrobe. 
The MM6 jacket is unfortunately sold out everywhere but you can still purchase this teddy jacket from Urban Outfitters, which I also own and is equally as comfy!!