Eat, Drink, Shop, Do: Copenhagen

It's city guide time again on Naked Fashions and this month I managed to finally get to Copenhagen. 
It's been on my list for a very long time and it completely lived up to my expectations. Copenhagen felt very similar to my trip to Stockholm last year and visiting these cities makes you realise how insanely polluted, overpriced and overpopulated London is. 
If you ever get the chance to escape the city and visit the beautiful Copenhagen, then below are the spots that I would definitely recommend.


host & scarpetta

The food in Copenhagen is perfection. All the organic, gluten free goodness you can think of. We ate incredibly well over the three days in Copenhagen but these two restaurants and one cafe stood out to me more than the rest. 
Host and Scarpetta are ran by the same company, Cofoco (Copenhagen Food Consulting), who's main concept is to provide Michelin starred food at a great price. There are around thirteen different restaurants ran by Cofoco which give you a variety of different cuisines to choose from. 
For our first night we chose to go Höst, a restaurant with Nordic cuisine that provides a 3 course set menu for 425 kr, which is around £45. It was an interesting experience as the majority of the things on the menu I would never have chosen. The service is impeccable and incredibly intimate and you receive around 5 more chef compliments throughout the evening. (One of which included duck heart, another being chicken foot...)

Scarpetta was a much more relaxed vibe and provided a Scandinavian take on Italian food. This time we opted for the 5 course meal that cost 275 kr (around £30). 
Whilst Höst was an incredible experience tasting new and unusual food, Scarpetta took us a little bit back to reality and provided some real carb-loaded comfort food. 
If trying the irregular isn't your thing then definitely make a trip to Scarpetta's all-white and beautifully lit surroundings.  


What can I say about Palaeo, other than the fact if there was one in London then I would eat here every day. 
As the name suggests, Palaeo focuses on the caveman diet and provides unrefined, unprocessed, real clean food.
My favourite thing about this place was that the wraps are egg-white omelettes which completely satisfied my gluten-free palette. 
The interesting thing is that, unlike health-cafes in London like Good Life Eatery etc, Palaeo is so reasonably priced with a wrap costing around £4. The juices are also the best I've ever tasted.


Coffee collective

Since fashion week, I have become an absolute caffeine whore. I love coffee. There, I said it. But I have to say, I'm already a little bit of a coffee snob. 
I read that coffee collective was notoriously the best coffee in Copenhagen and my god can I stand by that. 
The aim for coffee collective is to provide a coffee quality that is brought about in three links -  Farmer, roaster and barista. They work hard to ensure that these three links collaborate, working towards the collective goal: Exploring coffee’s taste potential.


Blink and you'll miss it. The blackout doors outside Gilt will have you wandering up and down the street for hours. If you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't know. Which is what makes Gilt so secluded, so special and the perfect place to end your Copenhagen trip. 
Because of its hidden qualities, Gilt is very small but very laidback. The staff have an extensive knowledge of liquor and cocktails and make you feel so at home during your time in there. The walls are laced with amazing artwork from the likes of Warhol and Paul Colin, and the atmosphere is so chilled out. 


Shopping in Copenhagen is the best. A shop completely dedicated to half price Acne Studios? Long roads full of small boutiques and cactus shops? Yes please.

acne archive

A huge range of last season and second stock pieces at 50-70% off. A whole room of every jean you can think of. Dresses, trousers, tops, accessories. EVERYTHING. I had to stop myself from buying one of everything and instead opted for a white bomber jacket reduced from £480 to £160. 

wood wood museum

Similar to Acne Archive, it stocks Wood Wood clothes over 50% off. BUT it also stocks a number of other brands such as Opening Ceremony, Y3, DKNY and Kenzo. 

street machine

Here's one for the boys. Street Machine is the Slam City of Copenhagen but with the aesthetic of Palace and Supreme. A clean cut skate shop situated down a side street of Central Copenhagen. It sells a hell of a lot of brands so you're bound to find something across the two floors. 


The sweetest street in Norrebro. There are tons of boutiques down this road that will have you hitting yourself for not paying for that luggage allowance. 
You could spend hours here dipping in and out of local coffee shops (there's a coffee collective along here!), checking out new designers and getting lost in mini boutiques. Choose your time wisely though as most shops close around 4pm on a Saturday. 



Adult Playground heaven. The park is split into three main areas: The red square (modern, urban life), the black market (classic square with fountains and benches) and the green park (picnics, sports and walking the dog). 
The idea is that the people living in the immediate vicinity of the park relate to more than 50 different nationalities. The people living here were told to pick objects from different cities to represent these places. The best thing? Someone had chosen a litter bin to represent Liverpool. Yup, Liverpool was in there and was the only UK city represented. 
There are monkey bars, chair swings, skate spots, basketball hoops, all you need for the ultimate play date.


The freetown. You can smell the weed from down the street. Upon entering you'll see a sign that says 'you are now leaving the EU'. You'll be greeted by a number of 'pushers' making you uncomfortable about even holding a phone that has a camera on it. 
But it's definitely something that needs to be experienced.
Christiana is completely independent of the Danish government and run by a large group of hippies.
Christiana has its own currency. 
Christiana cannabis shops operate 24 hours a day and sell 30-40 types of weed.
Photographs are not allowed.
It has some of the best vegan, organic food in the city.
Still, walking into a cafe full of smoke and stoned men isn't exactly top of my bucket list. 

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana is now my favourite museum of all time. Not only was the Yayoi Kusama exhibition on, but the museum grounds alone are worth a visit. The architecture is typically sleek and Scandinavian, the views are breathtaking and the Yayoi Kusama exhibition was more perfect than I could ever imagine. 

Next stop? Berlin, Germany.