Interview: House Of Sunny

Most of you will know House of Sunny’s minimalist clothes thanks to the thousands of girls taking to the streets and their Instagram pages showcasing the brand. And if you don’t, then you’re following the wrong people.
I had the honour of interviewing the brand and uncovering what it is that really defines their beautiful, simplistic garments. 

House Of Sunny was established in East London in 2011 and from there on, they have developed two seasons a year. 
With a tight team of twelve, it’s so clear that the brand are so dedicated to each other as well as the customers they’re delivering to.
The key word to remember when thinking about the House of Sunny brand is organic. Everything is done organically. The brand swayed away from investors and started everything independently, by starting with £30 and no budget, they organically built a team and identified their customer; once this had been perfected the only way was up from there. 

The House of Sunny girl is selective. She knows exactly what colour palette she wants, the materials she likes, the cuts that suit her and more than anything she knows the lifestyle that she wants. House of Sunny is more than just a brand, its a pure lifestyle that girls of all ages and all continents can achieve. 

Thanks to the rise of social media, House of Sunny have customers everywhere which inspires them even more. For instance, Australian fashion has grown so much over the years. Whilst their style is very similar to London, the beautiful tropical surroundings within their images, ups their game immensely. It’s incredible to see an independent brand like House of Sunny be so versatile and appeal to a number of different countries. 

The brand bases every collection around their customers and believe everyday pieces are essential. 

If you’re just getting started with the brand then there are 3 staple items you need to have in your wardrobe: First are the cigarette pants, for an everyday look. Their high waisted, lower crotch, cropped peg leg is timeless and the perfect addition to every relaxed girls wardrobe. Next is the oversized canteen tee, which is kind of a trademark to the brand, and is such a simple idea but works so well. And finally is the duster/sahara jackets which prove that tailored clothes can also be relaxed.

This season is no different, House of Sunny feel like their girls are ready for a little bit of colour in their monochrome wardrobe. They have introduced a number of dusty pink, camel and army pieces to the collection that are going to blow your mind.
Having had a sneak peak at the collection, I can honestly say that it’s going to be a sell-out. They have even used a new fabric thats exclusive to House of Sunny. The fabric is hand knitted on a machine and is water-resistant jersey. Water-resistant. Have you ever had a water-resistant jumper?! Mind. Blown. 

Where can you get this, you ask? The website of course. Whilst House of Sunny has a number of different stockists all over the world, the website is the best place to get any of their pieces. Here you’ll be able to really see the close up of the material and a number of different shots to make it easier for your purchase decision.

For those of you still wanting to get your hands on old stock, then head to London Fashion Weekend from 24th-27th September where there will be a reduced price point on all products and a sale with pieces from as a little as £5.

The Autumn/Winter collection is now available and you can shop it here!