A Quick Trip To Paris With Three UK

Eiffel Tower

I feel as if the majority of my blog posts at the moment are about, or featuring Paris in some way. It was only a month ago that I visited there on holiday, but when I got the email asking to go along for a day trip with Three UK and 4 other bloggers, I couldn't really resist.

Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world and it was such a whirlwind to see the top sites within a day, but with the Eurostar being so close to home it seems like a waste not to get their as much as I can. 
On a glorious Saturday morning, we departed St Pancras at 10:00am to Paris, with everything we needed: A Three sim card, a Samsung Galaxy S6, a selfie stick and some other goodies. 

I'm sure many of you have seen the Three #MakeItRight campaign (and if not, where are you? and why are you not being followed by the fluffy purple mascot?) where you can use your current phone data plan in 18 different countries. Meaning there's no roaming charges! So you can upload as many selfies, hot dog legs or #nofilter images as you like. 
It's an amazing service which we were able to try out for ourselves whilst in Paris, snapping selfies on the Seine. 

On arrival, we were all loaned a Samsung Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S6 boasts a 16mp camera that has some of the best features I've ever seen.
As an all-apple girl, it was weird to use an android phone for the first time. I've always had my doubts about their software being a little too slow for what I need but on the day I was able to Tweet, Instagram and Whatsapp the same as I would on my iPhone 6. 
The standout point for me with this phone was definitely the camera. 
Highlights include a beauty mode for selfies which softens skin, reduces wrinkles and enlarges eyes - Kind of makes you look like a china doll in some cases but most of the time you're flawless. 
There's also a focus mode which allows you to select your point of focus and blur out the rest of the background.


When we arrived in Paris we had arranged a cycling tour of the top sites in the city. Since I live in London, where every road is basically a death trap, I was a bit wary of cycling in a city but it was honestly one of the greatest experiences, and a brilliant way to see the city in a day. 
We went with the Paris Bike Tour and our tour guide, Helen, was one of the sweetest and reassuring people I've ever met. 

Along the way we took many a selfie, including one with some topless boys working out in front of the Eiffel Tower...at a later glance it seems they're actually kind of young. 
Nonetheless, I'm sure you Instagram feeds have been filled with my Paris pictures, but if you've not been keeping up, they're all here for you to see. 

Myself and blogger May from RedVelvetLDN decided to take some outfit posts in front of the Eiffel Tower.
I'm wearing a two-piece from Pretty Little Thing. But! When it arrived, even though I'm 5'7, the trousers were still really long so I bought a petite version of them from Boohoo
I paired the co-ordinate with a pair of Stan Smiths and sunglasses by AJ Morgan

If you're visiting Paris for a few days then I definitely recommend this tour as it was such an easy way to get around. The roads in Paris are much bigger than London and have designated cycling paths which makes you much more comfortable. Plus you get to hear some great history about the city and monuments that you would never really take in unless on a guided tour. The history side of thing isn't overpowering like a lot of tours I've been on and is actually quite interesting to learn some of the things we were told.
We finished off our day with a dinner at Terminus Nord which is right opposite Gare Du Nord, making it the perfect place to grab dinner before heading back to London on the Eurostar. 

The trip was an incredible experience and I feel really lucky to have met the other 4 bloggers I travelled with, you can find their blogs here:

If you want to find out anymore about free roaming with Three then visit here. And find out more about the Samsung S6 here!