Tuesday Tips: How To Promote Your Blog Through Social Media

An incredibly overdue blog post right here. I said a few months back that I would start a new Tuesday Tips series on my site, sharing all of the tips I think bloggers need to have. 
If i'm being completely honest with myself, I have massively neglected my blog these past few months, and it's quite a lie to call myself a 'fashion blogger' when in reality I haven't created an outfit post in forever.

Regardless of that, I always try to keep people coming back to my blog through social media. Even if you haven't created new content then there is always ample opportunity to regurgitate old blog posts to new readers.
And can any of you actually say you've read every blog post on anyones site?

So, in order to get your name out there, you're going to need to up your social media game big time. From previous experience, here are a few things I've learnt: 


The main chat I like to take part in is the weekly FBLchat on Twitter. The chat runs super fast and it's hard to keep up with but its a great place to meet some likeminded people and talk all things blogging on a weekly basis. 
Below are the chats that are on every day, every week. If you have the time - take part in them and get your opinions out there!


#BDIB (7-8PM)








#BDIB (8-9PM)






See someone tweeting or instagramming about something you've written? Plug, plug, plug. However, don't be one of those overbearing people who thinks it's only their blog that matters - help promote your friends too and I'm sure they'll return the favour.


Images make me click on a blog post/tweet so much more. Make sure your images are up-to-scratch and always think about whether you'd share this on instagram, reblog it on tumblr or even repin it on pinterest. If the answer is no, the image isn't good enough. It's a harsh reality, but learning to get your angles right and edit properly will save you so much time in the future as you'll get a lot more attention. 


Met other bloggers at an event? Tag them. Wearing ASOS in your latest OOTD? Tag them. The more you tag, the more you're going to be recognised. Even if you don't get retweeted or regrammed, you're more likely to be discovered through engagement. 

Finally, with LFW coming up, a good way to gain exposure is to follow relevant hashtags. The #LFW hashtag will help you find a tonne of like-minded bloggers who will want to read your tweets.

Got any suggestions? Comment below!!