The Must-Have Face Powder

manasi makeup

If you're a fan of Naked Fashions, then you'll know that I'm obsessed with everything and anything Scandinavian. 
Which is why I love discovering new, Swedish talent within fashion and beauty!
I recently discovered the makeup brand Manasi Makeup. Whilst I was drawn in by their clean, minimalist aesthetic, it ended up being the product that actually stole the show for once.
I feel like beauty bloggers are notorious for going on about the way a product looks, or negatively commenting on the package design, etc. So for once it was nice to be blown away by the actual product itself.

I can guarantee that after one use of this powder, you will be converted, and binning all your others. 
The transparent formula means its perfect for every skin type, and the powder is so fine that you won't even feel like you're putting anything on. 
The powder has a very silicone feel that glides on to your skin; I have no idea what is in this powder to make it so amazing, but you can put it on bare skin and have a completely flawless finish, reducing the appearance of all lines and wrinkles and also taking away any shine on your face.
All in all, I am a huge fan of the Manasi brand. Next up, I think I'll be testing their bronzer cream which I hope lives up to the name!