Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; Introducing i-D 35 Years Behind The Scenes


Over the last 3 decades we have seen a number of different subcultures or tribes. From the New Romantics, the punks and all the way up to the b-boys and ravers. These subcultures have been the inspiration behind a lot of fashion, beauty, music, etc campaigns. And still to this day continue to inspire us all.

We can all think of our group of friends and push them into one of these subcultures based on their music, beauty or fashion taste. Think about it. Which subculture do you fit? Would you want to change?
I’ve spoken on my site before about the fact we can jump from tribe to tribe based on our fashion or beauty tastes and the best thing about these subcultures is that we can use them to build our own vision. One day I might want to take a bit of a futuristic vibe and the next I can personify the ravers in the clubs.

The amount of inspiration these subcultures have created is astonishing and i-D (being the greatest magazine to pull together the new and inspiring) is celebrating their 35th birthday by partnering up with Microsoft. 
Combining makeup artist Ralph Siciliano and renowned directors Santiago and Mauricio (who have created some of the most breathtaking pictures and videos in beauty and fashion), they have created an incredible video that hones in on the brilliant subcultures we’re surrounded by.

This behind the scenes documentary will take you on a journey through the past 35 years, exploring the streets and clubs and bringing to life the beauty and our memories of punks, new romantics, hip hop, ravers, grunge, pop, indie, emo, seapunks and future!

Like all creatives, the collaborators use everything to reflect their personal style, including their technology. Which is why the super sleek HP Spectre x360 is a key component in this documentary. The beautiful, modern laptop/tablet compliments the documentary so much because of its unique style. It stands out in the world of technology but at the same time can fit into every person's style.
You can find out more about this brilliant piece of technology in my next blog post so keep an eye out for it!

For now, you can watch the Behind The Scenes Documentary that will have you reminiscing about the past 35 years and raiding your makeup drawer for new beauty looks! - Beauty and subculture through the ages