Introducing HP Spectre x360 and i-D

As you all read in my previous post, i-D have collaborated with Microsoft to use the beautiful HP Spectre x360 in their most recent project.
Now what is it that makes the HP Spectre x360 so special? What sets it a part from other laptops on the market?

Well for starters, the HP Spectre x360 isn’t just a laptop. This versatile piece of technology is fully flexible meaning it can bend and turn into a tablet. Isn’t this what we all want? Why are we carrying our tablets, laptops and smartphones around when we can have one piece of equipment that can do so much for us!
I often get frustrated from using touchscreen devices all day to then go to my laptop and not have that function - This is where the HP Spectre x360 will come in handy. It thinks about all your needs. Allowing you to use the touchscreen function and get hands on with all the apps you need. This is especially perfect for creatives who love a direct approach!

It even has up to 12.5 hours battery life which is ideal for someone who’s constantly on the move.

The HP Spectre x360 was a vital component in the making of the i-D 35 years beauty documentary. Creatives love to have visually pleasing things around them, but also those that actually help. Because of its 360 degree hinge swing, the creatives were able to flip the top and use it as a stand to watch their creations unfold through video. This laptop literally bends over backwards for you!

Another great thing that helped with the creation of the documentary is that, unlike a lot of its competitors, the HP Spectre x360 has a 1920x1080 resolution helping to maximise your creative potential and see things in great quality!

I’m desperate to try out this product - it would be the perfect addition to Naked Fashions! What do you think? Discover more about the HP Spectre x360 here; and keep up-to-date with Windows news by following their Twitter account @windowsUK