Eat, Drink, Shop, Do: Berlin

As promised, I'm back with my Berlin City Guide. I've always heard amazing things about Berlin - how cheap it is, the huge history and mostly the fact nearly every creative in London is thinking about picking up their life and moving across to there. 
I don't want to start my guide on a negative note but I have to say it is probably the most over-hyped city I've ever visited.
I think that unless you're a massive fan of beer and nightlife then the allure of Berlin isn't as great. 
Saying that, it was a beautiful city that had some brilliant architecture and they definitely know how to do brunch. 
I was incredibly lucky with the weather whilst I was there; completely blue skies everyday and enough heat for you not to bring a jacket. I stayed in an Airbnb once again and was blown away by the luxe design and cheap price tag. 
There isn't actually an awful lot to do in Berlin, especially when you're used to being in London, but I managed to find a few nice spots to share with NF readers! Enjoy!


House Of Small Wonder

Amer­ican brunch with a twist of Japan­ese cuisine and interior at the heart of Berlin's Mitte area.  House of Small Wonder comes to Berlin after their great success in Brooklyn, New York. The beautiful spiral staircase coated in succulents and greenery leads you to a quaint second floor cafe with everything from french toast croissants to vegetable yaki udon noodles. A sweet brunch spot for anyone who wants to take it slow and indulge in simple but authentic menu. 

Mogg & Melzer

Behind the doors of this plain building lies the best cappuccino and pastrami sandwich in Berlin. There's nothing else to be said but this. 

Cookies Cream

Hidden within an abandoned loft is one of the greatest culinary experiences I've ever had. Cookies Cream is a vegetarian restaurant that deserves all the recognition it receives. Don't be put off by the fact its vegetarian as the food is so full original and full of flavour that you don't miss the meaty accompaniement. 
The set menu will cost €49 but in all honesty the first course was not needed. An absolute must is the quails egg on brioche with caramelised onions; hands down the yummiest starter I've ever ate. 


Like I said, Berlin do brunch well. And what better thing to eat for lunch than a tasting platter of delicious cakes. Barcomis are well known for their creamy New York cheesecake. The cafe is set in a lovely little square just off the main area of Mitte. From here you can head to Mulackstrabe road for a little shopping (see below).


Monkey Bar

Views, views, views. Monkey Bar is in the Tiergarten area of Berlin, which isn't a brilliant area. As soon as I left the train station I saw 3 different people on 3 different occasions being arrested..
However, once you take a few turns and get away from the station, you can escape up to the top floor of 25 hours hotel and see incredible views of Berlin. Not only are the views incredible, Monkey Bar looks over Berlin Zoo and sells the most amazing cocktails. 
This gin and grapefruit slushie was super refreshing and the perfect accompaniement to a relaxing evening watching the sun set in Berlin.



I've been a huge fan of Voo Store for years and it was one of the first reasons I wanted to go to Berlin (awful, I know). The store is one floor of amazing designers from Acne and Raf Simons to APC and Nike. I was slightly influenced by the strong Euro rate and beautiful surroundings of Voo Store. So influenced that I finally purchased the APC half moon bag in black. My god what a beauty. Tired of shopping? Make a pit stop at their Companion Coffee for some real good roasted coffee. 

Do you read me?!

Regular readers/followers of Naked Fashions will hopefully know how much of a magazine fiend I am. 
For years I've been completely obsessed with spending hours in magazine stores. Do You Read Me?! is an incredibly spacious store with minimal aesthetic and all the magazines you dream of. 


Mulackstrabe is a road situated in Mitte. This road is never ending and full of unique boutiques that you could get lost in for hours. One that stood out to me was Paper and Tea; An independent store that does exactly what it says - tea. and stationery. What more could you want? But be careful, you're bound to spend hundreds of pounds in here on unecessary things. 


Helmut Newton Foundation

If history isn't your thing but you still want to visit museums then this is the place for you. Helmut Newton!!!!!!! My favourite photographer ever ever ever. I let out a massive squeal when I found out this was in Berlin. But even if you're not a fan this museum is a great place to discover other photographers.

East Side Gallery

Graffiti Goodness. East Side Gallery speak for itself. 

Museum Island

Home to five significant museums:
- The Atles Museums
- The Neues Museum
- The Alte Nationalgalerie
- The Bode Museum
- The Pergamon Museum

Whilst it costs to go into all of these museums, its well worth a walk about to look at the incredible architecture they all behold. 
And if you're lucky (like I was), when it's sunny, the light catches the fountain to create a mini rainbow!
Overall, Berlin was a brilliant city and I'm happy to have ticked it off my ever-growing list.