Top 5 tips for perfect skin this Summer


Each season brings a lot of change, whether that be from the weather to our clothes or our skin.  I feel my skin gets a lot better within the Summer months but because I'm quite fair it needs a lot of protection and care.I have 5 products that I use to help me get through the Summer season, and I think will help you as well!

First of all, is a product I would use all year round. I was introduced to it last month and wouldn't use anything else now. I've been told by many friends (health bloggers mostly) that the best and only way to intake coffee is through your skin. The most common use of this is coffee body scrubs, like that of Frank Coffee, which every blogger and their cat seems to have on their Instagram page. But I was introduced to an organic coffee soap bar from Pure Raw. I use this every day in the shower and I feel its softened, hydrated and plumped my skin up dramatically. A great tip for the coffee soap bar is that it's amazing for eliminating odours; If you're cutting garlic or onions regularly then you'll know how hard it is to get the smell off your hands but the coffee soap counteracts this! Don't worry though, it doesn't actually smell like coffee.

Next is a good exfoliator. I don't think you have to choose an expensive exfoliator at all as they all do the same job but you should ideally be using it on both your face and body at least once a week. Especially if you're going on holiday or thinking of using a tanning product of any sort.

When the Summer months come, we need to protect our skin as much as we can. If you're wearing makeup then double-check to see if your foundation has an SPF in it, and if not try to bring one into your daily routine.

I recently took a trip to Paris and finally picked up a bottle of Embryolisse, which I LOVE. The cream is super moisturising and after a week of using it my skin feels so much firmer and plumper. The formula isn't sticky like a lot of other moisturisers and it's an all-rounder (mask, makeup remover, after shaving) cream, which I'm a sucker for.

Leaving the best product till last: I caught a little bit of colour whilst I was away but have been topping it up and emphasising the colour thanks to the Body Shop's Honey Bronze face gel. I'm usually quite wary of using face bronzers as I'm incredibly pale but I took the plunge and road-tested this product without being disappointed. The product glides on to your skin and settles without being patchy in any way. This isn't a self-tanning product as it will wash off but it gives such a nice bronzed colour which is completely buildable. It gives a real healthy glow and is incredibly affordable! The Body Shop are also helping you out this Summer with some tips on their site! Find them here