Natural Cycles & Angels Belly Yoga Brunch

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset Very rarely do I venture to the North of London, but when the opportunity of yoga, brunch and an introduction to a revolutionary contraceptive app hits your inbox, you take it.

I was invited along by Natural Cycles and Angels Belly for a collaborative day combining mind, body and spirit for the full zen experience. If like me, you've been taking the contraceptive pill for a number of years, then Natural Cycles is going to appeal to you. But I hate to say it ladies but if talk of periods and pills is a bit too taboo for you then you may want to skip this part (and focus on the less TMI food pictures below)

We never really speak about the side effects and problems that the contraceptive pill can cause for women and like most Western cultures, just pop a pill and let it do its work. I originally started taking the pill to help combat period pain and hormonal acne and whilst its done the job (and then some), after 4 years, do I even know what hormones are going into my body? I try to live a pretty clean life; eating all the right foods (despite the odd burger) and working out, making both my body inside and out a much cleaner, healthier place. But when it comes to medicines, I've never tried any natural remedies, mostly because the ones on offer can be unaffordable and it is a little daunting if you don't know what you're doing. The founders of Natural Cycles found the same problem (price) when looking at natural contraceptives. Whilst wanting to get to know her body and realigning all her hormones as well as hating the thought of condoms, Elina and Raoul set out to create the Natural Cycles app. Just from taking your temperature every day and logging on the NC app, you can be informed whether you can get pregnant and whether you can't. See a green light? you're safe.

'We provide a unique and smart solution that for the first time in history reconciles contraception and conception.'

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If you want to find out more about Natural Cycles app then head on over to their website - I'm going to be trying & testing it in the month of June so keep an eye out for my post!

Now on to the amazing event itself. We began the day focusing on our mind with a spot of yoga. The event was set in the Loft Studios in North London and was a beautiful, bright, airy space, perfect for focusing on your breathing and your mind. The session was incredibly chilled and focused a lot on your breathing which was great for a relaxing Sunday morning. DSC_2542We then moved onto our body, and honed in on placing good things within our body. In the other part of the loft studio which had been separated with a divider we found an almost ethereal set up with blankets and cushions covering the floors and rustic feel tables with personalised place cards. DSC_2515 To the right was the most delicious spread of raw, clean food I've ever seen, put together by the incredibly talented Angels Belly From your breakfast essentials like chia pudding, bircher muesli and chocolate almond mylk to crudités with the best hummus I've ever tasted, kale salad, paprika and cinnamon sweet potato chips and finally finishing off with muffins, crumbles and chocolate energy balls. If my crappy descriptions don't do it justice, take a look at the pictures for some mouth-watering goodness

The event was really eye-opening to hear about others experiences with the contraceptive pill and I'm incredibly interested to see how Natural Cycles works for me! Would you make the change? Also be sure to check out Angels Belly's site for some amazing recipes!