Dear gym, I'm sorry...

1R Ladies locker

The time has finally come for me to part ties with my gym membership. After years of jumping from club to club only to be inevitably disappointed and bored by all, I have reached the decision to get over it. The gym is not for me. Not only do I not really know what I'm doing in there, (there's only so much you can learn from Women's Health) but I also get incredibly bored and never actually make it there.

You guys will have read my last post introducing you to the amazing ClassPass. And I've been using it for the past week and have managed to go to a number of classes already. Since you can only go to the same studio 3 times a month and have a cancellation charge, you really are forced to attend your classes. I woke up one morning wanting to go back to sleep but was forced to my TenPilates class thanks to ClassPass!

1R Ride studio sign

It also introduces you to a number of different studios across London, meaning you never get bored! - my favourite being 1Rebel. This sleek, stylish studio is the perfect pick-me-up after any day and has 2 classes for your to choose from; Ride, a 45 minute cycle ride that actually feels as if your in a club. The time goes by super quickly and you don't even think about it thanks to the motivational trainers and heart-racing music! Then theres Reshape, a full body workout that I'm (nervously) trying out this Saturday! If the excitement of the classes isn't enough to get you there then just the prettiness of the copper changing rooms will be. Or even the on-site Roots & Bulbs cafe, making this the go-to gym for aweekend rendezvous with friends.

1R Roots and Bulbs store

Be sure to check out the plethora of studios that are available on ClassPass London! And follow my profile to see what classes I'm hitting