Calling all fitness fanatics, ClassPass has arrived in London!

London If you've been following my 2015 journey, then you'll be aware that health and fitness is a big part of it. I've never been one to slog it at the gym and find the whole process incredibly boring, but 2015 has turned over a new leaf and seen me jumping out of my comfort zones and trying a plethora of new classes.

London is the perfect place to be, with hundreds of new, innovative studios opening daily. But these classes can be a bit pricey, especially if you're paying for a gym membership alongside this. And keeping up with the latest classes is a task in itself! ClassPass is an American fitness phenomenon (of course, they do everything best) that has now arrived in London! The pass allows you to have unlimited access to some of the best boutique studios across London for a monthly price of £79. Now considering a single session at 1Rebel (for example) is £20, then having unlimited access to hundreds of classes for such a little price is incredible. ClassPass 2 Some of the top boutique studios such as Fierce Grace Hot Yoga, Frame, BARREtoned and Ten Pilates are on the list and you are absolutely spoilt for choice, allowing you try different fitness techniques and find your perfect match. The best thing about it, is that because you're paying this one off price, you're not losing out on money if you don't like a class, it's perfect for those who are scared to try something for the first time!

Even better, they're adding new studios daily and its all on one booking page for you, so no faffing around with rubbish websites or annoying booking systems, just log into your ClassPass account and away you go.

As a little incentive for their loyal 'Founding Members', ClassPass is offering a deal for £69 with a 3 month commitment or £59 with a 6 month commitment!!

I'm incredibly excited to start trying out a number of classes, so be sure to follow my Twitter and Instagram for regular updates! (I'll also be doing a roundup of my favourite classes at the end of the month!)

And join me by getting your ClassPass today, here!