Turning blonde from brunette with George Northwood

IMG_2121 So the big news that Kim Kardashian changed her brunette locks to blonde caused a bit of a storm last week, and I for one am a big fan of the transformation. It seems that a lot of other people love it as well, including the PR team at Redken and the Daily Mail Femail reporter! I was contacted last Thursday evening about a feature by the Daily Mail on brunettes turning blonde (like Kim K) and jumped at the chance to be in the salon with George Northwood. George Northwood only opened his salon just over a year ago after spending years cutting celebrities hair such as Rosie Hutington Whiteley and Alexa Chung - and we are so lucky that he did. The salon itself is everything you dream of put together; marble table tops, spotlights, the friendliest team ever, impeccable service (especially when it comes to attention to detail), and my favourite addition - Rex, George's French Bulldog puppy. Who is by far the cutest dog I've ever met in my life.

With an 8am start at the salon we cracked on with the transformation. The whole process took around 5 hours for 2 bleaches and a toner.  Its super important if you're thinking of making the transformation that you most definitely go to a professional. Especially to see whether your hair is in good enough condition or strong enough to take bleaching twice. Amy Fish, the colourist explains that turning blonde can be high maintenance. She said: 'It’s a commitment which you need to consider. The condition of the hair may become weaker, so a good aftercare regime is essential. '

Before and after

It then came down to a quick cut and styling from George himself. We opted for two different styles, one with the hair slicked back, similar to Kim's in her first unveiling and another with it straight down and messy. As someone with dark hair who has quite defined brows, it is going to be a bit hard to adapt my makeup to the blonde hair. The makeup artist, Isabelle, really stripped back my makeup as I'm used to quite bold eyebrows and a lot of contouring (as you can see in the before shots). For the straight hair look, she chose a minimal eye makeup and bold lip scenario and for the slicked back look went for the opposite and created a smokey eye with a nude lip. 

The Redken team provided me with a full aftercare kit for my new locks which is vital for keeping up the condition of your hair. The overall experience was amazing and I'm incredibly thankful for the work the George Northwood team put in! If you'd like to read more on the process then head over to the Daily Mail article here